Don’t Laugh, It’s A Tragedy – Process Journal Reflection

Explain 3 new understandings you have about the rehearsal and production process.
A new understanding that I have learned is that you can’t just write a play and you’re done, you have to rehearse the lines with choreography and blocking and you have to do this over and over again until the lines connect to the actions. Another understanding I have is how hard and challenging it is to figure out all the technical concepts while rehearsing (lighting, mics, queues, etc..) My third understanding is you have to be very patient because there is a lot of sitting around when it is not your turn.
What have been your strengths during our rehearsals?
One strength that I have during the rehearsals is talking loud and clear like a king so everyone can hear. With the microphone, it is even easier. One other strength that I have is memorizing the dances and the counts for each move. When the music is on, I can listen to it and know what move is up next.
What have been challenges or things you have had problems with?
One challenge that I have been facing is being on the ball all the time, when to wait, when to talk, and when to go on. Also, you have to keep track of your makeup, costumes, and props. You have to always keep them in one place so you know exactly where there are all the time. Another challenge is the pace of the production. Everything have to be fast fast fast and you have to learn something once a do it.
What feedback have you been given?
One feedback that I have been given is to be grand. Since I am the king, I have to act royal and big. Open up my body and stretch out my arms. One other feedback that I have been given is that you have to smile and enjoy the dances. Feel like you’re in it. Then the audience will enjoy it more.
What are you most excited about for the performance?
I am most excited for the dances and finale dance. I’ve never done a big dance for a play and it is something new to me. Also, it is very fun and energetic and upbeat. That is why it is so fun. I am also excited for the audience that is going to watch the play. They will be blown away with the dances and talent that we are bringing to this show. I can’t wait!
What makes you most nervous?
What makes me nervous is if I lose something that is very important for the play. For example, my binoculars or my top hat and cape. I have to take them off before the first dance after I have acted. I have to leave them on a prop table and not forget them.