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DP-CAS Complete Stamp 2015

Final Commitment List & Signatures

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Final CAS Reflection


Student Name: Lauren Forster  Grade/ Advisor Group: Diana Ferreira


6 Reflection Prompts Notes
OUTCOMES: Which of the 8 Learning Outcomes did you find the most interesting or relevant to you/your experiences? Why? For me, self-awareness is the most relevant learning outcome. Not because it dominated my commitments over the other learning outcomes, although it did have a large impact, but rather because I feel each other learning outcome resulted in further awareness of myself. Whether my commitments be global or local, new interests or developments on existing ones, they all culminated in extending my self-knowledge and awareness of what I like and dislike. Furthermore my personal awareness of other skills was developed as well, such as insight into how I work with teams versus how I work on my own, or how I do in leadership positions of various scales.
WOW: Greatest “take-aways”(From which activity/activities do you feel you learned the most? Why? ) Learning to knit was a useful take-away for me as it was a new experience, as was kickboxing. Duke of Edinburgh and being part of TEDxids were interesting as they presented completely unique challenges. However, I feel I truly learned the most from being a Senior Prefect. This stems from the “real world” nature of the team, as I feel the things I learned about leading a team and working with different demographics are easily applicable to my life post-graduation and my professional life.
HOW: Questions that have emerged for you I wonder how my experiences with the DP CAS program will affect my life post-graduation. I am curious about whether I will be able to continue some of my commitments in university, such as choir and kickboxing.
NOW: What next? How will you follow-up? Next step(s)? While I may be unable to continue some of the less accessible commitments, I plan to use the techniques and skills I learned in other areas of my life. I plan to use the ideals instilled in me by CAS to continue to balance my life through academics, creativity, action and service.
SHARE: 1 excerpt, post or artifact related to a CAS experience DSC_0647-2cj9a5v This is a photo of me and my Duke of Edinburgh group on our Gold Level trip in June. Despite my trepidation that has always surrounded the idea of being isolated away from civilization, this program was a major highlight of my high school and CAS experience. I think of it as the turning point at which I became more open to my other CAS commitments, and past that my high school life as a whole.
SO WHAT: Now that it’s over, do you see any value in this CAS eFolio thing? At times, CAS seemed like a burden with no purpose. Any DP student can tell you about the stress of keeping up with CAS commitments while balancing our already hectic academic schedule, and fitting in a social life to keep us sane and ease our stress. However, when finishing the program, I do realize how beneficial the CAS program really was to my personal and academic life. It not only provided me with an outlet to pour my energy into as a break from school, and allowed me to meet people I never would have encountered otherwise, but furthermore instilled in me ideals that I have incorporated into the way I live. Action commitments, for example, were never something I was very interested in. Sports and exercise seemed like a waste of time to me which I could be spending reading or working on something creative, regardless of the clear health benefits they provide. After being encouraged by the CAS program to incorporate these kind of commitments into my life, I can say I’m now used to them and appreciate them far better than I have before. It is these kind of small changes that I believe are the true value of the CAS program, as they impact not only my time in the DP but my life post-graduation and into the future.

Final DOE Update!

Today it’s official: I’ve handed in my Duke of Edinburgh Gold level adventurous journey report, record book, and form. With that, I’ve finished my last level of Duke of Ed and the program as a whole! While most of my teammates handed in their reports earlier, my academic schedule didn’t allow me to work on the extensive report and book until late February. Over the past 4 years of my participation in Duke of Edinburgh, I can honestly say I’ve learned more than I expected about myself, my peers, and the environment around me. I can’t possibly list all I’ve learned, and I will not attempt to try, knowing that I cannot do the program or my experiences justice. Instead, I’ve attached some photos of my Duke of Ed experience for all three levels: bronze, silver and gold, spanning from grade 9 until last June. I look forward to applying the things I’ve learned in Duke of Ed to my post-graduate life, and thank Ms. McTavish for her endless support and guidance in the planning and execution of all of our trips!

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Choir Update

At this point in the year the grads are more focused on their university acceptances than any classwork they might have. Although many of us, (myself included) have a handle on both of these things, some people struggle with the balance and have had issues in terms of dropping their predicteds or missing deadlines. For me, the only thing affected by this juggling act is my choir attendance.

Ever since grade 9, I’ve kept a relatively spotless record in terms of making it to every biweekly choir practice without issue. While at times I’m tired and wish I was at home sleeping, practice usually acted as a recluse from a busy school schedule. Lately I’ve noticed myself slipping a bit, missing practices never off my own choice but rather as a result of the demanding IB coursework keeping me up at night or having prior commitments in the morning, such as prefect door duty or a spanish oral. I’m having to miss the Banff trip due to final exams as well, which is unfortunate as I had a lot of fun last year!

I’m starting to get to practice more often now that a lot of my big assignments are out of the way.  I think that it’s an important balance from my schoolwork and my plan is to commit more to getting to the biweekly classes while I still have the option!

Senior Prefects

Being part of the senior prefects has been one of the highlights of my grad year. Not only do I have the opportunity of bettering the school as I whole, every week I learn new organizational and leadership skills. This year Jena and I have been busy with grad committee, but I’ve also made sure to stay on track with our senior prefect duties. This spans from taking charge with our prefect groups to ensuring all prefect duties are filled, from taking minutes or running agenda in meetings to heading events with our portfolio or grade rep partner. Cam and I, the grade 10-12 reps, have run several events this year for our assigned grades. We’ve just finished the grade 10 course selection sessions, in which we got our prefect group to organize grads to talk to interested 10s for half an hour about a given course. Last year this was very popular with the current grade 11s so we expected a sizable response, but unfortunately interest seemed to peter out after the first couple of sessions. It’s understandable as the 10s are busy and this generation of that grade seems to be extremely self-sufficient, but I know how much work my team put into it and how excited the grads were to give advice. I’m not bitter about it and I just hope that next year the response is greater so as not to lose that advantage for future generations!


With such a busy grade 12 year, making time for MTV has been tricky. We’ve tried to film multiple events but haven’t had the time to compile them or really get good quality footage, so we’ve decided to start clean with a new slate. It’s extremely hectic right now but in a month we plan to begin filming, perhaps with some of the unofficial grad events. Despite my busy schedule, I want to make time for film!

LEGO Update

Our LEGO volunteering course is going well; we have over 20 students this term! We’ve added another volunteer, (a friend of the course leader) bringing the total up to four class leaders with Sarah and I in major leadership positions with the kids. I’m finding it easier to help the children with more volunteers, as we can each spend more time with the individual kids as opposed to supervising the room as a whole. This is my biggest longstanding commitment, and I’m excited to continue it into 2015.

Grad Committee

As the grad committee representatives in Senior Prefect, Jena and my role really began at the start of our senior year. Hosting meetings every two Mondays, we’ve been delegating roles and planning events for several months now and I find I’m more excited about this year as a result.

My role is essentially to host meetings as act as a liason between the Senior Prefect team and the grad committee. While many people seem to think Jena and I are the people to come to with questions about grad events, we don’t actually plan events ourselves except for giving input.

So far the main objectives for the grad committee are grad jackets, led by Freya and Bridget, and the grad Christmas tree sale led by Rasmus, Terry and Thomas. I find myself playing a greater role in these events than I expected, but an enjoyable one. The only problem I could see coming would be if a group needed extra help and Jena and I were too busy, but all is well for now.

A New Kickboxing Method

Today was my first day back to kickboxing, and after the experience I just had I thought I had better write a post! The first thing to note is that my previous teacher, Christine, moved to LA over the summer. Thus, we were introduced to a new lady today who would be teaching us kickboxing. She introduced herself by stating that she would be running kickboxing a little differently this year… I believe she described it as “bootcamp”. This in mind, it should not surprise my reader that the hour long class felt more like 3 hours of constant, rigorous movement. We didn’t break once, and as I turned to execute my 10th side kick I realized that I was in way over my head. Although I would almost call it cardio bootcamp over kickboxing, I’m very excited to continue it through this year. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up the class and still make it up the foyer stairs!

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