Last Saturday and Sunday I helped out with Benny Jean Cytrynabaum’s Personal Project; a flash mob to raise awareness about shark finning. The event counted as a minor service commitment. This¬†project SO cool for me as she is a close friend and I got to develop my photography/videography skills. I videotaped the behind the scenes of the practice on Saturday and the actual event on Sunday! I got to see the planning that went into the project (A LOT) and the final outcome, which went really well. I really learned to appreciate how much work everyone is putting into their projects. I still have to give Benny the footage I took both days, but I beleive that once it is all put together it is going to look great. Today (Tuesday the 22nd) I actually worked on Jolee’s Personal Project; a huge swim meet, but that will be another post in the upcoming weeks as right now I’m very busy with my own Personal Project!