Because I’ve already written about all of my goals and how I feel about them for this year, I”ll now write a bit about my CAS commitments and highlights and struggles of my year, plus a couple of plans for the summer.

My commitments this year were soccer, yoga, green team, yearbook, personal project, choir, Duke of Edinburgh, Jolee’s swim meet, Benny’s flashmob, and volunteering at the West Van Community Centre. Even though I was kept very busy for most of the year, these were commitments I enjoyed doing, and I worked hard to organize my time and make sure I was fully committed to at of them. My favourite commitment, the WVCC, was fun because I got to work with kids and learn more about what it means to be a volunteer. Duke of Edinburgh was also a great experience, as I’ve now received my Silver pin as well as my Bronze. I’ll be going for my Gold in grade 11.

The main highlight of my year was Personal Project. Not only did I manage to choose a topic that I’m really interested in, I got to explore it thoroughly and expand on my knowledge as well. I wish we got to do it again, but I think I might do it just for fun in the future anyways. Another highlight was the Banff trip, because we learned so much and grew together as a choir and individually. I would love to continue choir next year and hopefully go on another trip like Banff. A last highlight for grade 10 was any information we got about university. Despite some parents thinking it’s too early to begin thinking about it, I thought it was cool that we got to learn about university experiences this early.

One struggle I overcame this year was our INPs, in which I chose to study The Help. I decided to focus on character relationships within the book, and it took me awhile to think of a project that would have enough depth to let my audience understand the plot but not have to spend ten minutes explaining it first. This was hard for me as I just wanted to start creating something, but I had to slow down and think about what I was going to make. Another struggle was studying for exams, mainly because we had two sets of them and there was so much information to cover. I’m still not done with Math, English and Science, as our provincials are coming up too. I just hope that they aren’t quite as difficult as our mocks.

Although I’m not taking any courses over the summer, (I’m only doing one science) I am going to focus on universities and what I would be interested in. This means I’ll be taking some personality and university fit tests, researching majors, and probably just talking to people that have connections with universities. I will probably go into liberal arts, and luckily I have several connections in the film industry and the art industry that I may talk to and get information from. Other than that, I’ll be doing my English HL summer reading, (which I’ve already started) and waiting for grade 11 to begin!