Being part of the senior prefects has been one of the highlights of my grad year. Not only do I have the opportunity of bettering the school as I whole, every week I learn new organizational and leadership skills. This year Jena and I have been busy with grad committee, but I’ve also made sure to stay on track with our senior prefect duties. This spans from taking charge with our prefect groups to ensuring all prefect duties are filled, from taking minutes or running agenda in meetings to heading events with our portfolio or grade rep partner. Cam and I, the grade 10-12 reps, have run several events this year for our assigned grades. We’ve just finished the grade 10 course selection sessions, in which we got our prefect group to organize grads to talk to interested 10s for half an hour about a given course. Last year this was very popular with the current grade 11s so we expected a sizable┬áresponse, but unfortunately interest seemed to peter out after the first couple of sessions. It’s understandable as the 10s are busy and this generation of that grade seems to be extremely self-sufficient, but I know how much work my team put into it and how excited the grads were to give advice. I’m not bitter about it and I just hope that next year the response is greater so as not to lose that advantage for future generations!