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Grade 7 Science Fair (minor)

Today I volunteered with Jena to help out during the first block of the grade 7 science celebration. As Jena was the “runner”, keeping track of students and making sure they make their slot, I was the photographer and tried to get as many pictured as I could of judges and students. One challenge I noticed was trying to get candid shots, as both the students and judges were hyper-aware of the camera and sometimes it threw them off or they looked directly at the lens. Overall the experience was a good one, and I would volunteer for it next year if a spot is open.


One of my most if not my number one creativity commitment this year is Senior Concert Choir. As someone that has been in the choir off and on since grade 3, choir is something that I’ve never questioned not continuing. It’s an easy, fun thing that I can do with my friends and get a commitment out of. I know lots of people join solely for the “commitment points”, but a lot of us are there because we really do enjoy it. It’s also very exciting this year because lots of guys from my grade joined, which means that next year when the gr 12s leave we might have a good base to build on.

On Dec 10, we went to ICBC to go caroling in our regular choir time before school. It went very well, but did get interesting when Ms. By suggested we do our new choreography for one of the songs having practiced it once. The employees at ICBC seemed to enjoy it, and we did get better for the Christmas concert.

This past Tuesday, we had our annual Christmas concert at the West Van United Church. I think it went really well, and the audience seemed to enjoy our songs especially our final number. From what I remember of doing this even last year or the year before, the event seemed a bit tedious to me because of the timing. We left the school out of our third block at about 1, went to the West Van United Church, and stayed there until 9pm, (omitting our dinner break). Every other year it has seemed a bit lengthy, but this year it was better because we spent the majority of the time practicing. I’m hoping my final concert next year will turn out just as fun!


Knitting club is a new club for me, but I’m trying it out this year as my major creativity commitment. So far we’ve been working on simple squares as it’s a couple of member’s first time knitting, (including me) but it is going very well. I’d say it was a steep learning curve, because it took me a couple meetings to remember how to begin the square but now I’m knitting a scarf in my own time. I hope so get better as the year goes on, and we’ll see if I end up knitting something more advanced.


Kickboxing is a new skill that I’ve began as my, (hopefully) major action commitment. Although I’ve only gone to a couple lessons so far, I’m already learning techniques that I didn’t even know existed before. I’m finding that it is very different from what I expected in that I was under the impression we’d be kickboxing “against” punching bags, but we are actually going against each other. Doesn’t make much of a difference, but its interesting to see how my perception of it has changed. Planning on making this my major action commitment for this year if nothing else comes up!

Volunteering at Oppenheimer Park

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A picture of myself, Sarah Halldorson, and a homeless man who played guitar while we handed out goods to the homeless in East Vancouver. Dan, the guitarist, was more than happy to take a picture upon my request as we got him talking about his band.

The event took place Friday night, in which we packed empty cooking tins with toiletries, chocolate, and kleenex, and Saturday morning to afternoon.

On Saturday, (yesterday) we handed out the tins as well as oranges, cookies, clothing, a bunch of different sandwiches we made, and bags to a long line of homeless. I’m always surprised at how kind and polite they are, and it really makes me feel grateful for what I have. I love seeing how grateful they are and having conversations with people that I otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to.

Zoom Reflection (minor creative commitment)

Zoom was a part of the year I was really looking forward to in grade 11, partly because it’s something I love and partly because I’d never done it before. I got into a group of 5- myself, Sarah, Micaela, Josh and Stephen. At 5pm on Friday Oct. 25th, we received our theme and prop: Karma, and a ticket. My group had come up with a starter idea involving candles, (as we knew this would look great on film) and a girl who has interactions with different props. We fleshed out our idea into a workable plotline, and spent Friday night filming the few night scenes and scripting/developing the details. Saturday was mostly filming our main scenes until 3pm, and then editing until late that night. On Sunday, final touches were put onto the project and we made our way to Mulgrave to burn our disk at 2. We ended up handing in the burnt disk by 3, a full 2 hours before the due date, and we were pretty happy with the outcome.

Something my group did really well was working together to get footage. Although we all had our separate roles, it was obvious that we all wanted to try everything and we made it work. This meant that we all had help in our jobs and didn’t get stuck on anything for too long. We also had very good time management- as I can be a bit of a control freak and I know other people in the group who consider themselves to be the same,  staying on track and not getting behind was important to us as a group. This was invaluable in such a time-crunch of a project, especially with the equipment we used and in the style of film we did. A last thing my group did well in Zoom was thinking outside of the box and being creative. It would’ve been much easier to choose an simpler idea and a more everyday example of karma, such as a teenager that misbehaves and gets caught for it. Going with a supernatural, difficult idea as we did was extremely challenging but I believe it made the project that much better.

One thing we could’ve improved on in our film was simplifying our plot throughout the project. We wanted to do a simple plot but ended up building on it until it because slightly confusing to the viewer, a fact which we only noticed, unfortunately, after we handed it in. If we really wanted to stick with the plot, next time I would add dialogue. We went for the affect of having only one line of dialogue in the film- something that limited us in how we could portray the story. Although adding dialogue might take away from the feeling of the film, it might be worth it so as to clarify the plot for the viewer. It might also have been helpful to film with a storyboard so as to get a better idea of what the clips would look like in the final product. I found that sometimes when we were filming, we didn’t know how to put together the scene so as to make it look great as a final product. Lastly, we spent a lot of time perfecting the editing process as opposed to spending more time perfecting the shots. I would’ve been more comfortable spending a lot of time getting each shot right and then editing more loosely, simply because the editing was more about adding extras while the footage was the bulk of the project.

Mulgrave News

This year I’m part of the Mulgrave TV news team- a group that puts together a short broadcast every so often to act as an updater for all of the students. I’m excited about this because not only is it working with some of my friends, it is something that I enjoy doing outside of school. I’ll hopefully be the cinematographer meaning that I get to do the filming and not have to act, something that I don’t enjoy quite as much. Although we haven’t begun filming yet, some ideas have been thrown around for our first broadcast and hopefully there will be many updates to come!

Green Team

Our meeting today with Green Team, Under the Sea, and Art club! Hoping to collab on a group project this year.

LEGO volunteering

Volunteering at the West Vancouver Community Centre started again last Saturday, and as usual Sarah and I are volunteering for a 4-6 beginners lego course. It’s one of my favourite service opportunities because we get to work casually with lots of kids and some that even go to Mulgrave! Now that I’ve been doing this commitment for a long time, I’ve started to notice the habits of different types of kids. Although there are some that cause trouble, most of the kids are very easy to work with and it makes the class easy to teach. Hopefully the rest of the year goes as smoothly as our first class!

Commitment Goals

Service Commitment Goals

– West Vancouver Community Centre Volunteering (self-awareness, exploration, planning & initiative, collaboration, commitment)

– Mulgrave Green Team (exploration, planning & initiative, collaboration, commitment, globalocal impact, ethics)

– Me to We Kenya Trip (self-awareness, exploration, collaboration, commitment, globalocal impact, ethics, new skills)

– Mulgrave News (planning & initiative, collaboration, commitment, new skills)


Action Commitment Goals

– Yoga (self-awareness, commitment, ethics)

– Kickboxing (self-awareness, collaboration, new skills)

– Duke of Edinburgh (self-awareness, exploration, planning & initiative, collaboration, commitment, ethics, new skills)


Creativity Commitment Goals

– Mulgrave Pins and Needles (collaboration, commitment, globalocal impact, new skills)

– Choir (collaboration, commitment, new skills)

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