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DP Learning Outcome Goals

8 Learning Outcomes

How will your plan meet the 8 eFolio    Learning Outcomes

SELF-AWARENESS Reflect on what my interests are and how I can incorporate them into my school and personal life
EXPLORATION Explore new commitments and interests as well as furthering old ones
PLANNING   & INITIATIVE  Keep track of CAS commitments and stay organized with school work
COLLABORATION Work with others in class and within commitments
COMMITMENT Stay on track with commitments by attending meetings and keeping a log 
‘GLOBALOCAL’ IMPACT Focus on in school life as well as the global and local communities- and how I can impact them as an individual and as part of a group
ETHICS Reflect on morals throughout the year
NEW SKILLS Build up a skill base by learning new ones and continuing old ones

CAS Signatures

Final Reflection- CAS Learning Outcomes Experience

This year I met most of the CAS learning outcomes to my greatest extent. My first goal, with learning outcome Self-Awareness, was to remember to reflect every so often on my levels of commitment to school and out of school responsibilities. I believe I achieved this to a good extent, adding Green Team to my commitments this year and taking away Open Arts Studio to focus on what I care about. I could’ve done better on this one by taking more time to reflect, but I think for the workload I had I did fairly well.

With Exploration, my goal was to learn new things within commitments. For me, the biggest commitments I’ve learned from this year are Personal Project, (if that counts), choir, and Duke of Edinburgh. From all three I learned many new skills and traveled near and far to achieve new goals for myself. I think this was one of my more successful goals.

Planning and Initiative was an interesting  outcome to fulfill, with my goal being to stay organized throughout the year with schoolwork and other work. I think this was one of my less obvious outcomes, simply because for some parts of grade 10 I was very stressed and for some I wasn’t. I do believe, however, that I managed my time in and out of school effectively.

For the Collaboration learning outcome, I wanted to do projects for commitments both in groups and by myself. I’m more unsure about the level of achievement on this outcome than any other, mainly because the commitments I’m in were more small things than big projects. I can, however, say that I did achieve this outcome as I can think of some projects that I did by myself and some with others. For instance, the Banff choir trip was mostly collaboration with all choir members for the entirety of that trip, including clinics and performances. However in yearbook, for example, I did all of the photography myself and that was a big year long solo project.

My Commitment goal was to keep up with all of my commitments by going to all group meetings. I achieved this mainly through one of my major service commitments, Green Team. Having a meeting virtually every week was good for me as it became habit and helped me to commit to the team even more.

For Globalocal Impact, my goal was to develop ideas focused on global issues rather than only school based. I achieved this by reading more newspapers and watching some news, as well as having discussions with my friends and teachers about whats going on in the world. This was mostly in Social Studies class with Mr. Hardy and ACE with Mr. Wilson.

My Ethics goal was to remember to ask myself if what I’m doing is right for me within commitments and within my life. I liked the outcome of this goal so much that I think I may use it next year as well, when I begin IB. This idea of doing things that I enjoy in order to organize my life helped me sort out my priorities and keep my commitments in the back of my mind all the time, throughout the year.

The last outcome, New Skills, had a goal that was more straightforward than the others. I wanted to learn new skills by constantly challenging myself within commitments and my life, which I achieved by doing just that. From learning how to sail in Duke of Edinburgh to learning new chords on the guitar, I believe that I learned more this year than I have perhaps ever before in a year. This was probably my most thoroughly achieved goal this year.

Duke of Edinburgh

To explain our Silver DOE Sailing trip this year would take a word count longer than I could write, but I’ll try.

For my qualifying journey, a group of fourteen grade 10 girls and our two chaperones- Ms. McTavish and Ms. Augitus- went sailing on the Mapleleaf Tallship for three days and two nights through the Gulf Islands. This was from April. 5th-7th, 2013. For my first time sailing, I can’t believe how much I learned in such a short period of time!  The main thing I learned was simply how to sail a boat. This included learning parts of the boat, how to work with different kinds of sheets, sails, shrouds and halyards, and how to sweat, flake and gasket a sail. I won’t try to explain every single thing I just said, but an example of a simple explanation would be how flaking is a technique for stowing the sail in which you pull the sail Aft (towards the back of the boat) and fold in like an accordion while the others pull it down by a certain halyard, or rope. The first things I learned on the boat were the names of the sails, masts and booms. A boom is the horizontal wooden pole that the sail rests on when inoperative. There were four sails on this ship- the Main sail, the Fore sail, the Stay sail and the Jib, in that order from the Stern, (back of the boat) to the Bow, (front). We also learned things like how to steer a boat, listen for emergency calls on the ship’s radio, and identify/alert the captain of obstacles before the boat. The Transient Killer Whales we saw on days 2 and 3 were my favourite part of the trip. They were spyhopping, (vertically rising out of the water), lobtailing, (slapping the water with their tales), rolling in the water and even almost breaching, or jumping out of, the water as well.  The most challenging part of the journey for me was probably either getting used to sleeping on a boat during a storm, or just the steep learning curve of sailing.  If I got the opportunity to do this experience again, one thing I’d do differently would be packing fewer clothes, and I didn’t wear all of them and it was a little heavy for me to carry around.

Banff Trip- Choir

I got the chance to go to Banff this year for a choir trip, which was such amazing experience. I’m actually writing this the day we got back just to make sure I can remember everything! To greatly simplify the trip, our choir and vocal jazz ensemble traveled 12 hours to and from Banff, Alberta, for the Canadian Rocky Mountain Festival of 2013. We performed songs as an ensemble in front of an audience of other choirs, bands, and our adjudicators. Eugene Rogers, the composer of one of concert choir’s songs, Jenga Imani Yako, was one of our adjudicators and got to judge his own song which we performed. That was a very cool experience for us, as was watching a feature concert involving a song all about hockey and seeing the amazing Count Basie Orchestra. We took part in two great clinics too- one for concert choir and one for vocal jazz. Being in an environment with people from all over Canada that enjoy the same things I do was an incomparable experience, mainly because of just how kind and friendly everyone was with each other, even in competition. I would definitely go again next year if I get the chance!

Yearbook Update

So far yearbook is going well- I’ve been taking pictures regularly throughout the year. My worry is that we won’t have enough art as it is only changed up every couple of weeks, and some things don’t have names on them. If they don’t have names I can’t use them because we need to give credit in the yearbook. I’ll be taking in my camera tomorrow to take pictures of the recent art- that way I’ll get even closer to the amount we need! I need to remember to bring in my camera more often too, just to have that extra time to take pictures and do my job.

Jolee’s Swim meet


I took this about midway through the swim meet

On Jan. 22nd, I volunteered at Jolee’s Personal Project- a swim meet for schools in the Vancouver area. I was in charge of food and photography along with Claire, Cam, and Micaela for the whole meet. This was pretty fun for me because I love photography and food was easy to coordinate, as Jolee’s mom was a big help. It was her job for the whole meet to help out in the hospitality room where the food was kept, so Claire and I didn’t really have to help out that much. I think it was a success because everything went according to plan and there was nothing missed. Next time Jolee does a swim meet, count me in!

Adult Supervisors List

Just realized I made but never posted a list of adult supervisors for each of my commitments! Here it is.


Yearbook- Ms. Ferguson

Choir- Ms. By

LEGO Workshop- Dave B

Green Team- Ms. Ferreira

Personal Project- Mr. OC

Soccer- Willie Mounzer

Benny’s Flashmob (minor)- Barbara Cytrynbaum

Jolee’s swim meet (minor)- *TBD*

Duke of Edinburgh? (ask)- Ms. McTavish

Yoga- Nola


Benny’s Flashmob

Last Saturday and Sunday I helped out with Benny Jean Cytrynabaum’s Personal Project; a flash mob to raise awareness about shark finning. The event counted as a minor service commitment. This project SO cool for me as she is a close friend and I got to develop my photography/videography skills. I videotaped the behind the scenes of the practice on Saturday and the actual event on Sunday! I got to see the planning that went into the project (A LOT) and the final outcome, which went really well. I really learned to appreciate how much work everyone is putting into their projects. I still have to give Benny the footage I took both days, but I beleive that once it is all put together it is going to look great. Today (Tuesday the 22nd) I actually worked on Jolee’s Personal Project; a huge swim meet, but that will be another post in the upcoming weeks as right now I’m very busy with my own Personal Project!


This year I’m doing yearbook again with my friend Jolee, and lucky for us we got the arts pages! Last year I’ve heard that this section wasn’t handled so well, but hopefully this year we can remedy that. Our plan is this: I’ll take the pictures (of student art) throughout the spanse of the year, and Jols will edit it into the book. Of course we’ll both be helping each other if we need it. The one thing I really need to remind myself about is that I need to get names as well as the art, so we can write who did what! So far its going pretty well, except I keep forgetting my camera at home! I’m thinking about getting someone to just remind me to bring it in every, for instance, Tuesday lunch or something as that’ll keep me organized and ready to create.

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