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CAS eFolio Plan 2012/13

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This is my CAS eFolio Plan for 2012/13, I actually made this awhile ago and forgot to post it! I tried to focus on details and reflection in this plan so that not only do I satisfy the CAS requirements but also stay true to myself and my personal goals.

Jolee’s Swim meet


I took this about midway through the swim meet

On Jan. 22nd, I volunteered at Jolee’s Personal Project- a swim meet for schools in the Vancouver area. I was in charge of food and photography along with Claire, Cam, and Micaela for the whole meet. This was pretty fun for me because I love photography and food was easy to coordinate, as Jolee’s mom was a big help. It was her job for the whole meet to help out in the hospitality room where the food was kept, so Claire and I didn’t really have to help out that much. I think it was a success because everything went according to plan and there was nothing missed. Next time Jolee does a swim meet, count me in!

Jhr News Reflection

One really cool article I’ve read lately from JHR is about a boy the same age as me, 15, in Sierra Leone who built his own FM transmitter for his own radio station! He had previously figured out how to power lights and provide electricity by making his own batteries, and he has now made his own radio station with him as the DJ, known as DJ Focus. The need for electricity is great in Sierra Leone, and even though the boy, (Kelvin)’s power only goes on once a week, it has a great impact on his community. His next project will be to create a windmill that will provide electricity to his community, and he is also the youngest person ever invited to the ‘Visiting Practitioner’s Program” at MIT! I’d say thats a pretty big accomplishment for someone so young. For more information, go to

We Day!

A couple of days ago I was lucky enough to go to We Day 2012! I could spend hours writing about it, but the main point I want to make is this: If you ever get a chance to go, GO! Many people didn’t go because we had another fieldtrip that day, or it seemed boring, or it seemed like it wouldn’t apply to them. But I just wanted to tell everyone that it DOES apply to everyone, and its really fun too! We got to hear from awesome speakers like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Magic Johnson, Spencer West and more as well as hear singers like Demi Lovato, Shawn Desman, and My Name is Kay. I really enjoyed the mix of motivational speakers, singers, and personal stories that we got to hear throughout the day. The point of We Day is to leave feeling inspired and excited to make a difference in the world, something that I know I got from the experience. Looking forward to next year!

CAS Plan

# Core Commitments Category     Local/global/group/school
(for service only)
1 Personal   Project Creativity    
2 Soccer Action    
3 Yearbook   Service   School/group
4 WVCC Volunteering Service   Local/group
5 Green Team Service   School/local/group (global ideas)


# Other Commitments Category
(for service only)
1 Yoga Action    
2 Choir Creativity    
3 Duke of   Edinburgh? Action    


– Stay on track with DPA and school activities (in order to stay on track with commitments)

– Keep up with recordings of action and service for Duke of Edinburgh (so as not to get off track)

– Go to meetings for every commitment (Green Team, DOE, Yearbook, Personal Project)

– Remember to balance Personal Project especially with school work

– Keep up with WVCC volunteering (remember weekly workshops and special events)

– Stay open minded to each commitment (don’t be afraid to take on new commitments/try new things within the club)

– Steadily improve in skills such as soccer and choir through the year

– Be active in each group (don’t just be there, actually contribute)


8 Learning Outcomes

How will your plan meet the 8 eFolio    Learning Outcomes

SELF-AWARENESS Remember   to reflect every so often on level of commitment etc. to school and out of   school commitments
EXPLORATION Learn   new things within commitments
PLANNING   & INITIATIVE Stay   organized throughout the year with schoolwork and other work
COLLABORATION Do   projects for commitments both in groups and by myself
COMMITMENT Keep up   with all commitments by going to all meetings
‘GLOBALOCAL’   IMPACT Develop   ideas focused on more global issues than just school based 
ETHICS Remember   to ask myself if what I’m doing is right for me within commitments etc.
NEW   SKILLS Learn   new skills by constantly challenging myself within commitments etc.



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