New Year New beginning(Goal Setting)

Time flies, I am in senior school already, to begin this year with a positive attitude, I would like to set a few goals for myself this year.

For my academic goal, I am really unsure how senior school evaluate students different from middle school in terms of marks and effort. So for the first term, I am planning to use the time as a scout, to understand how senior school differs from middle school, and measure myself appropriately compare with the standard that I came up with. But meanwhile also keep on task of all the due dates of assignments. Then the terms after I am going to set up a specific goal for myself about my mark for the report card.

For my CAS goal, I am looking forward to establish a stable spot in the senior school concert and jazz band as a drummer. Even though I have a good foundation on drumming, but the amount of practice for me are very lacking recently, which means in order to compete with other drummers in the senior school, I need to start to practice hard and been helpful and friendly inside the band overall.

For my personal goal, I would like to improve my skill on two electives that I have chosen – Visual Art and Music. The competitive level I feel in senior school is very different from back when I was in middle school, I felt pressure been exerted to me when I was in a room with people who are talented or good at these areas, so it is going to be very challenging for me to be able to match up with my classmates.


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