How I Study

Studies Techniques:

So how I study is that I lay on my bed and listen to music while I do my homework on my computer. However, how I deal with paper based homework is that I just do the exact same thing as with computer based homework. Usually, studying like this helps me because I feel relaxed. When I am relaxed, I can work better. However, I do have to work downstairs in the computer room because my mom requested me to do so. The chairs at the office is very rough which makes me uncomfortable while I work.

Parent Teacher Conferences + Plans For Future

So recently, I’ve had a parent teacher conference. Most of the teachers had good things to say and had some things they were concerned with. One of the most common things the teacher brought up was that I needed to focus and study for tests more. To be honest, I completely agree with the teachers. One of the reasons why I don’t reach my full potential on tests is that I don’t study much. For example, in a recent Science test, I didn’t know what kind of lens are needed for near sighted and far sighted people. I could of studied and find out. As for focusing more, I also agree with this because other than homework, I could get good information in class. For example, we specifically talked about what kind of lenses are needed for near sighted and far sighted people. I feel bad that I didn’t reach my potential and I’m trying to continue my path to reaching my full potential

What I do on the Weekends

What I usually do on the weekends is go snowboarding with one of my friends. When we go snowboarding, we usually go for the whole day. Usually, it’s from 11 AM or 12 AM to 8 PM or 9 PM. When we go snowboarding, we stay around the Freestyle Park and attempt to do tricks. However, after that, we would speed down the hill and try to get back to the park as fast as we can. Last week, 5 of my friends and I went to Cypress mountain to snowboard. However, the snow was really bad that day and it was practically dirt mixed with a bit of snow. The park was closed that day and I tried to teach two of my friends how to snowboard. However, they were taking too long so I decided to leave them. However, while I was speeding down, I hit a rock and did a unintentional cartwheel in mid air and laded on my neck (Karma). It was not painful but it took lots of energy to move my head around for the rest of the day. Cypress mountain unfortunately closed at 3:30 PM so I did not get to snowboard the whole day.

My Experience In Rugby

In the first few months of school, I have joined the school’s rugby team. The experience was worth it because I learned a new sport and I was committed to the sport. Over the season, I have made 3 tackles and saved a critical try. I am proud of myself for this because I am not that good in terms of sports. I am thinking of joining the rugby team again next year and continuing playing rugby.

Tunnel Book Reflection

My tunnel book has so many things that represent me or things that happened in the past. For example, the background picture represents me because I like nature. The biker picture represents me because I like to ride my bike. The phone represents me because I like to call people and play with them. The video game controller represents me because i like video games. The thing that represents me the most is books. I try to read all kinds if books and try to finish them in a certain time limit I give myself. I read books everyday and then, I text my friends and game with them. The other thing that represents me the most is the guitar. I spend a big amount of time and effort to play the guitar and take lessons.

Leo Guo

Magical Math

Throughout this unit, I learned so much and did well on my test. My strengths in this unit were multiplying/dividing decimals by the powers of ten and adding and subtracting decimals. I specifically need to work on terminating/recurring decimals. I used my tutor for help and I also used Khan Academy™ and IXL™ for help. I am really proud of my accomplishments throughout this unit because I did really well on my test and I got new knowledge. I really shined in this unit also because I proved what I can really do. My math tutor gave me extra homework which I do everyday. I do 2 pages each day and then, I do school homework. These are what I accomplished throughout this unit.

Transdisciplinary Skills (PYP Attitude)


Transdisciplinary Skills

The skills I have achieved many skills such as thinking skills, communication skills and social skills. I have achieved theses skills by communicating with friends, teachers and parents. I do a lot of planning and thinking into my projects and assignments. I also achieved these skills by making a lot of friends and communicate with them.

Personally, I need to develop skills such as self-management skill and research skills because sometimes forget to bring my homework and sometimes, my studies are not detailed enough. I hope I will succeed developing these skills and I hope it can help me in the future.

Knowledge (PYP Attitudes)

I have learned many things from UOI, Math, English and Art. In Math, I have learned how to divide, multiply, add, subtract and simplify fractions. I’ve learned how and when to use cancellation and reciprocals. During our Where we are in place and time unit, I liked learning about the American Revolutionary War very much. For example, I learnt about the Boston Massacre. I mostly enjoyed learning about art. What would the world be like without art? My favourite subject in art was the flower vase painting. during this project, we painted a vase and worked on creating bright textured flowers. The subject I like in math is dividing fractions, add and subtracting fractions and cancellation. The knowledge I have learnt this year will be helpful to my future.