What I do on the Weekends

What I usually do on the weekends is go snowboarding with one of my friends. When we go snowboarding, we usually go for the whole day. Usually, it’s from 11 AM or 12 AM to 8 PM or 9 PM. When we go snowboarding, we stay around the Freestyle Park and attempt to do tricks. However, after that, we would speed down the hill and try to get back to the park as fast as we can. Last week, 5 of my friends and I went to Cypress mountain to snowboard. However, the snow was really bad that day and it was practically dirt mixed with a bit of snow. The park was closed that day and I tried to teach two of my friends how to snowboard. However, they were taking too long so I decided to leave them. However, while I was speeding down, I hit a rock and did a unintentional cartwheel in mid air and laded on my neck (Karma). It was not painful but it took lots of energy to move my head around for the rest of the day. Cypress mountain unfortunately closed at 3:30 PM so I did not get to snowboard the whole day.

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