Biology IA

Right as I got back into school after the summer break, the first thing that I was met with was the Biology IA. During this time, things in grade 12 started moving right away so I had to be very diligent in delegating my time to each individual subject, although Biology took up most of the time with my IA. The topic I chose for my IA was to do with changing the copper sulphate levels in the soil of a Runner Bean plant and observing the changes in growth. The following is the hypothesis I had written for the final IA:

If the concentration of 0.1M Copper (II) Sulphate solution within the potting mix increases, then the growth of the plant should remain relatively the same, until the 0.1M Copper (II) Sulphate concentration surpasses 1.8 mL/150 g. However, taking into account the natural growth variation that exists between plants. This is because excess levels of copper inside a planting medium, can interfere with many aspects of plant biochemistry, including membrane integrity, pigment synthesis, and photosynthesis which can directly influence the standard growth of a plant (Fernandes).

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