Extended Essay

The Extended Essay process was a very long and tough one. It began towards the end of grade eleven, went throughout the summer and into the first term of grade 12. Despite the tedious nature and continual work that was required for the project, in retrospect, I’m glad that I had done this as it taught me many valuable lessons about time management and research. The topic I ended up choosing revolved around the economic and geographic influences that 2011 Rugby World Cup had in Auckland, New Zealand. The following is my final abstract of the paper:

Globally, mega-events are known as unique, one time events that take place in a specific city or country. One such event took place in New Zealand in 2011, The Rugby World Cup (RWC). Of the major cities that played a role in hosting the RWC, Auckland had the biggest role, hosting closing and opening ceremonies, as well as semi-final and final matches. Asides from touristic benefits stemming from such mega events, geographic and economic influences in the short, and medium term have been identified to play a role in Auckland. Thus leading to the consideration of the research question – To what extent has the 2011 Rugby World Cup geographically and economically benefitted Auckland, New Zealand?

This paper will discuss and analyze said geographic and economic influences. By first analyzing a portion of the urban regeneration that occurred as a result of the RWC, a conclusion can be made relating to the RWC-related geographic influences.  Subsequently, the short and medium term economic influences measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP), retained jobs, sectoral value, and varying business influences, another conclusion can be made.

The conclusion made towards geographic influences was positive, showing that specific projects stimulated by the RWC, have been identified for their upside in different aspects. In addition to this conclusion, economically the RWC has had a benefit towards the Auckland economy showing a 0.52% medium term increase in GDP (compared against years prior), significantly higher sectoral values in the year of the RWC, and large, positive economic growth, in comparison to all RWC-related expenditures.

While these conclusions were made, limitations to the paper also exist. Geographically and economically, the greatest concern related to the lack in data found in the years following the RWC, where the legacy impacts would have been identified.

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