Final English Written Assignment

For the final English written assignment I had to complete in my IB career, I wrote about Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary. This paper wasn’t too difficult to write since I had a great deal preparation in the previous year, making the process much easier. The following is the brief excerpt from the introduction of the paper:

In many literary works, secondary characters are of great significance. The development of the protagonist, and to develop to central ideas of the novel. In Madame Bovary – the story of a naïve young woman who ultimately commits suicide to escape her bitter reality –  Gustave Flaubert effectively contrasts the romantic ideals of Emma Bovary with the real relationships she holds with secondary male characters such as Charles, Leon, and Rodolphe to foreground the tenacity and superficiality of her unachievable romantic dreams. In addition, Flaubert uses significant male characters to provide insight into her inner conflict and foreshadow her tragic fate.

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