Mathematics IA

The Math IA that I had to write this year was about the Gini Coefficient. I had actually thought of this topic when studying Geography as the Gini Coefficient was mentioned in a lesson and really interested me. After doing more research, I found that there was a great deal of math involved in the Gini Coefficient. So I decided it would be a good topic to look into for my IA. The following is the introduction to my IA:

At the beginning of the year, learning calculus really came of great interest to me. Starting with limits, derivatives, and integration, I became quite interested in the expansions and applications of the topic. During my own research and studying ahead in the textbook, I came across integration and the calculation of the area under a curve, which I understood to be the opposite of differentiation, which I had already learned. The varying ways in which the area under a curve can be calculated mechanically, without the function, really interested me. Furthermore, the application of such calculations would prove to be of interest and show links between the subjects I am studying, in particular geography.

The Gini Coefficient is one area of geography in which I had studied earlier in the year. The Gini Coefficient identifies the income inequalities within a specified region, usually a country, and then calculates a coefficient between 0 and 1, to quantify the inequalities. The calculation of the area under a curve is directly linked to the calculation of Gini Coefficient.

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