Over my final year at Mulgrave, I had set a number of goals that I wished to achieve. However, at the time I unfortunately forgot to write about them on here, so I’ll do so now. Better late than never!!

1. Finish with of final IB mark of 40
As of right now, my predicted grade stands at 39, which is one off what I aimed to achieve at the beginning of the year. I still believe this to be very achievable by the end of the year, since I’m working very hard towards the final exams.
2. Receive acceptances to all the universities I had applied to
So far, I’ve received acceptances from all the schools and programs I have applied into, except for one, which I still think that will come in the near future.

1. Make the BCEY7’s Team Travelling to Las Vegas
After attending all the trials for this team, I actually did end up making it. However, due to some complications of my parents being away at the time, I was unable to travel to Las Vegas with the team.

1. Continue practicing and learn 10 songs on the guitar
After becoming more involved in teaching myself the guitar, since I no longer play the bass as often, I have taught myself quite a few of my favourite songs. I have surpassed this goal for sure as of now and do not plan on stopping to learn more anytime soon.

1. Increase participation with the Curio House Team as the Deputy House Captain
This goal has had its ups and downs throughout the year. At the beginning of the year, the house leadership team — including myself — worked very hard in sending e-mails, communicating and promoting all of the house-related events to our peers, and this worked quite well! However, as IB became more and more pressing with IA’s, mock exams and now final exams, it has been significantly more difficult to keep this up, although we are trying to.

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