Las Vegas Sevens Tournament

This  past week, I had the honour to represent British Columbia at the annual Las Vegas Invitational Sevens Tournament. I played on the BCEY 7’s U17 Team, that played in the High School Open Division (U18), so we were playing a year up. I arrived in Vegas on Wednesday, March 2nd and we started to play the next day.

The first day of the two day tournament was pool play. Our team won easily against team from Chicago, LA, and Virginia. Despite many of these teams being bigger than us, our skills, athleticism and game knowledge gave us the upper hand.

We came into the second day as the 2nd overall seed, and we played the 7th, another team from Virginia. This game was initially hard fought, but as it continued we pulled away and won by a large margin. The next game was against Rock Rugby, and American team who I’m not sure where they’re from. They were very big and strong, and the game was very close, and in the end we won! Now onto the final. In the final we played a team from Utah, that again similar to all the American teams, were very big. However, this team also had a good deal of skill and knowledge that matched us. We traded tries throughout the entire game, and towards the end we were up by 3 points. On the last play of the game the other team scored in the corner and won by only 2 points.

We were very disappointed with the outcome, as were so close to winning. However, there are many positive things to take away from the experience. Although we lost, we were playing in a year up division giving us more to be proud of. Also we developed as a team and bonded well, improving us and getting us ready for future tournament. In the end, I had a really great time representing my province this week, and despite the end result not being what we wanted, I learned a lot and am looking forward to future experiences.IMG_2605IMG_2603

North Shore Sevens Rugby Tournament

Last weekend I participated in the second annual North Shore Sevens Rugby Tournament, I had a great experience! I played with an experimental BC North Stars squad which was made up of a wide range of players from all over, that had never played with each other before. We were even coached by Canadian Sevens player Adam Zaruba, which was a great opportunity. I was playing a year up in U18 age division, so this did prove to be a challenge for me.

On the first day of competition our team won all of our games against an Alberta Side, Handsworth, and The Meralomas. I scored 3 tries and helped guide our team to a successful first day of sevens!

On the second day we had much harder competition. We played the Vancouver Island Thunder first and won handily. The second game we played my club team Capilano so I competed against a lot of my friends, unfortunately we lost. Our third and final game was for the third place in the tournament and we played a club team from Whiterock, The Bayside Sharks. This game was close up until the final second and Bayside managed to pull away with the win.

No matter the circumstances, I had a great time playing with a bunch of new guys, and working together as a team for a great experience. I’m looking forward to the tournament again next year!Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 6.17.03 PM

Las Vegas Rugby Tour

This past week I was in Las Vegas for a Rugby Sevens Tournament. My u15 team we competing in a u16 boys division. Asides from our division there were u18, u20,and a Men’s international tournament that Canada placed 3rd in! I had lots of fun with my club and all my friends in Las Vegas and of course I had fun playing rugby. My Capilano Club sent three teams down to Las Vegas, a u15, a u16, and u18 team. I was on the u15 team.
On the first day our team played Handsworth, California, and Calgary. Our first game against Handsworth we won unexpectedly and we played really hard. Our second and third games were even harder than Handsworth, but again we won all our other games! We had won our division for the first day placing us high for the playoff rounds.
The second day our team played in the final against ICEF, a team from L.A. We won this game 19 – 14. This was a huge win for us and we had come as the underdog and won the whole tournament.
In the end I had a great experience in Las Vegas with my rugby club. All thanks to the coaches and staff and manages that put together this greatly successful tour.LV7

Capilano Rugby Season

This year one of my athletics commitments is playing Capilano club Rugby. This year so far our team has won most of our games. In the beginning of the season our team had started off the a little weak losing our first game, but since then our team has been extremely dominant in our division winning nearly all of our games. Last weekend our team competed in the semi-final playoff game against the Bayside Sharks. We had a strong victory against them 45 – 10 through strong defense and offence. A win in that game led us to our final game of the fall season against Abbotsford. Abbotsford has been the only team that we have struggled to beat the entire season and will be a very tough game. They are a strong team and we really need to put our best effort into it. All of the practice and hard training we have put into our game in this fall season comes down to this final game. For our team the best game we have ever played needs to be put out onto the field everyone needs to be doing their best.

My Summer

At the beginning of the summer I participated in the U15 Provincial Regional Championships for rugby. I tried out at played on the first team representing North Vancouver. We finished 5th overall in the tournament, which was slightly disappointing, but a good tournament nonetheless.
After the PRC’s I competed in the Victoria Sevens tournament. We stayed in Victoria for three nights and played many games over the few days we were there. I played representing North Vancouver in the U14 division. We played a good tournament and ended up winning the Bowl Title.
For the last bit of rugby for my summer I played on the Team BC. After the Victoria Sevens the selected me to tryout for the BC team. There was three teams competing in the National tournament against Ontario and Washington. There was the Gold 1, White 2, and Barbarian team. On the the Barbarians team there were players from that had come from Newfoundland to play, and I was lucky enough billet one of them. So after a long week of tryouts we were ready for the tournament. The rosters were still moving around for the teams and they weren’t set until the final day which mattered the most. The first day I was the captain of the BC White, and we had a massive game against Ontario Blue 1. This was a big game because we could set the tone for BC for the entire tournament. Impressively, the BC White team came out victorious over Ontario Blue. This was huge for BC and really set a good start. For the rest of the tournament as well as the final day I was the starting scrumhalf for BC Gold 1. On the final day we unfortunately lost against Ontario Blue 1, but in the end we were still the victors of the tournament.
Also this summer I went to a guitar camp called Guitar Workshop Plus is Squamish. It was located at Quest University in Squamish. It was a week long camp which I stayed overnight at the University Campus. At the camp I was participating in a bass guitar class. In this class were 6 other students all older than me. We did very hard work, but was very rewarding. We created ensemble groups as well and on the last day of the camp we played for people like family and friends.
Overall I have had a great summer with rugby and music. I have made a lot of new friends through both the programs and have learned a lot!

Capilano Rugby Plate Final

Last weekend I played with in the u14 Plate Finals for my club Capilano against Brit Lions. both of the teams were very close match-ups. During the season we played the Brit Lions losing only by 2 points. The Brit Lions team are quite big and physical, but so is Capilano so the match-up was very close.
We played the Plate Final at John Oliver Park in Delta. We started the game strong by scoring a try in the first 5 minutes. Then the Brit Lions came back and scored to tie the game at 7. Before the half Brit Lions scored 2 more tries and we scored 1. So we were down by 1 try at the half. The Brit Lions came out at the second half on fire. They scored 2 quick tries to gain a 3 try lead. Our team rallied back in the game by making, tackle, passes, catches, and staying in the game. We scored 2 more tries and were down by one with 3 minutes remaining in the second half. We tried as hard as we could to get back into the game, but the Brit Lions defense was too good and they kept us from getting that one last try.
Overall the game was a tough one although we were in it the entire game. Next year I hope our team will have a better season and eventually win our division.

CAS Update


School Rugby:
Before Christmas break I was part of the Mulgrave grade 8 – 9 rugby team. We didn’t win a game during the season although we did come very close. Our team did fairly well during the season we played hard every game and tried our best.

Capilano Rugby:
Outside of school I belong to Capilano Rugby Club. We have games or practices every Sunday and our team is very successful. We have only lost very few games out  of the many we have played so far. Our team is one of the strongest in the league. We have strong tacklers, strong runner, and are overall pretty good. I am the teams flyhalf and kicker. I am very content on how are team is doing so far this season.

School Basketball:
This year in school basketball we have done pretty well. In the beginning of the season I was on the grade 8-9 A Team, but later dropped to the B Team because I wanted more playing time. I think hat dropping down to the B team was a good decision on my part because I think that since I will be able to get more playing time I will be able to improve and play more on the A team next year. On the B team we are doing very well. In our league we are winning quite a few of the games we are playing and the ones that we do lose are very close.


In the beginning of the year I was playing piano as I have been for  the last 7 years. My playing was quite good,but I decided to quit playing piano after the Christmas break. I have stopped taking lessons although I will continue to play by myself and teach myself to play some songs by myself.

Bass Guitar:
This year I began to play the bass guitar.  I have now played it for a few months and have really enjoyed playing the bass guitar so farr. One of the favourite things that I enjoy doing with the bass guitar is improvising. My guitar teacher will give me the base notes for thebasss line and then I will make my own bass line and play along with songs. I really enjoy bass guitar right now and I hope I can continue playing bass in the future.


Welcome Back BBQ:
In the beginning of the year i volunteered and the Mulgrave Welcome Back BBQ. I helped direct traffic and help at some of the stations. This a great opportunity to grab early in the year, it’s also fun as well.

This year I have been picked to join M-SAC. I was very happy to be picked and so far all of the things that we have done in m-SAC have been great. I am part of the Talent Show committee and Christmas committee.  Both of these activities have turned out great and I hope to be more involved in some more for this year.

Christmas Sandwiches:

Every year my family and I hand out sandwiches to the needy people in the downtown east side. This is something very good to do and it always makes you feel good inside after you have done it. I think this is a really great thing to do and I hope I can do this in years to come.

Agassiz Basketball Tournament

This weekend the Mulgrave basketball A team (grade 8-9) went to a tournament at Agassiz, which is a two hour drive from Mulgrave. We left Mulgrave at 3:00 on Friday. After a long two hour drive we reached Agassiz High School. The first team we played was Credo. They were a big team. We had not expected that they would be so big. I think in the beginning we were a little intimidated and didn’t play as well as we could have. In the second half of the game we played better. We ended up losing 48 -24, but since they were a grade 10 team it wasn’t as bad. We got home on Friday at around 10:00 at night, and I went straight to bed.
The next morning we left Mulgrave at 7:30. Our game was at 10:00and we played Highroads Academy. We came out hard and gained a solid lead against them. For me the highlight of the tournament was in the second quarter of the game when there was 5 seconds left on the clock. My opponent was driving in to the hoop, I then slapped the ball from his hand picked the ball up and threw it as hard as I could down court towards the net. The quarter ended and the ball went off the backboard and into the hoop. Everyone was screaming, I couldn’t believe that, that had just happened. We ended up winning the game 40 – 30.
We then had a 3 hour break. We had lunch at Subway and watched a couple of games.
After we then played Langley Christian. They were also a grade 10 team. We didn’t have the same intensity as the first game, so we lost although we played hard.
Overall I think we played well during the tournament, but we still could have played better.

Terry Fox Run 2012

I want to participate in this years Terry Fox run for three reasons. First, I think that doing this run is a great way to remember Terry Fox. Terry Fox is one of the most important people in Canada’s history and he did many great things. Since he attempted his marathon of hope, I think that when run this Friday I will remember him and all the great things he did for cancer research in Canada, and I hope everyone else that runs on Friday will as well. I personally haven’t had anyone in my family affected by cancer, which I am extremely lucky to have not happened in my family. But I will participate for people that have cancer.


BC Summer Games

Last week I tried out for the U14 BC Summer Games Rugby, I was playing with kids that were in grade eight and were two years older than. But last night I received an e-mail telling me that I was chosen to move on to the second round of the BC Summer Games Rugby! I was really excited, but nervous at the same time too. This weekend I have more training to do for the games and then I go to Burnaby Lake for a tournament. After that they have the final selections for the BC Summer Games team. Wish me luck!!