Film Independent Study

In film, one of the biggest projects that I had to undertake this year was the independent study. As part of this assignment I had to write the audio and visual aspects for a documentary that compared 4 films all from different countries. This project is more difficult than it sounds, simply because of the correspondence that is required between the audio and visual components. The following is the rationale for my Independent Study:

While both the British New Wave and Italian Neorealism movements were brief, their thematic and stylistic significance in film history is unquestionable. As means of political comment, and additionally the exploration of topics and ideas previously thought “taboo” or “controversial”, both Italian Neorealism and British New Wave films were created.  In this documentary, I will explore some of the significant thematic and stylistic aspects that lend themselves to developing the concept of Social Realism, throughout both of these movements.

My Summer

At the beginning of the summer I participated in the U15 Provincial Regional Championships for rugby. I tried out at played on the first team representing North Vancouver. We finished 5th overall in the tournament, which was slightly disappointing, but a good tournament nonetheless.
After the PRC’s I competed in the Victoria Sevens tournament. We stayed in Victoria for three nights and played many games over the few days we were there. I played representing North Vancouver in the U14 division. We played a good tournament and ended up winning the Bowl Title.
For the last bit of rugby for my summer I played on the Team BC. After the Victoria Sevens the selected me to tryout for the BC team. There was three teams competing in the National tournament against Ontario and Washington. There was the Gold 1, White 2, and Barbarian team. On the the Barbarians team there were players from that had come from Newfoundland to play, and I was lucky enough billet one of them. So after a long week of tryouts we were ready for the tournament. The rosters were still moving around for the teams and they weren’t set until the final day which mattered the most. The first day I was the captain of the BC White, and we had a massive game against Ontario Blue 1. This was a big game because we could set the tone for BC for the entire tournament. Impressively, the BC White team came out victorious over Ontario Blue. This was huge for BC and really set a good start. For the rest of the tournament as well as the final day I was the starting scrumhalf for BC Gold 1. On the final day we unfortunately lost against Ontario Blue 1, but in the end we were still the victors of the tournament.
Also this summer I went to a guitar camp called Guitar Workshop Plus is Squamish. It was located at Quest University in Squamish. It was a week long camp which I stayed overnight at the University Campus. At the camp I was participating in a bass guitar class. In this class were 6 other students all older than me. We did very hard work, but was very rewarding. We created ensemble groups as well and on the last day of the camp we played for people like family and friends.
Overall I have had a great summer with rugby and music. I have made a lot of new friends through both the programs and have learned a lot!

CAS Update


School Rugby:
Before Christmas break I was part of the Mulgrave grade 8 – 9 rugby team. We didn’t win a game during the season although we did come very close. Our team did fairly well during the season we played hard every game and tried our best.

Capilano Rugby:
Outside of school I belong to Capilano Rugby Club. We have games or practices every Sunday and our team is very successful. We have only lost very few games out  of the many we have played so far. Our team is one of the strongest in the league. We have strong tacklers, strong runner, and are overall pretty good. I am the teams flyhalf and kicker. I am very content on how are team is doing so far this season.

School Basketball:
This year in school basketball we have done pretty well. In the beginning of the season I was on the grade 8-9 A Team, but later dropped to the B Team because I wanted more playing time. I think hat dropping down to the B team was a good decision on my part because I think that since I will be able to get more playing time I will be able to improve and play more on the A team next year. On the B team we are doing very well. In our league we are winning quite a few of the games we are playing and the ones that we do lose are very close.


In the beginning of the year I was playing piano as I have been for  the last 7 years. My playing was quite good,but I decided to quit playing piano after the Christmas break. I have stopped taking lessons although I will continue to play by myself and teach myself to play some songs by myself.

Bass Guitar:
This year I began to play the bass guitar.  I have now played it for a few months and have really enjoyed playing the bass guitar so farr. One of the favourite things that I enjoy doing with the bass guitar is improvising. My guitar teacher will give me the base notes for thebasss line and then I will make my own bass line and play along with songs. I really enjoy bass guitar right now and I hope I can continue playing bass in the future.


Welcome Back BBQ:
In the beginning of the year i volunteered and the Mulgrave Welcome Back BBQ. I helped direct traffic and help at some of the stations. This a great opportunity to grab early in the year, it’s also fun as well.

This year I have been picked to join M-SAC. I was very happy to be picked and so far all of the things that we have done in m-SAC have been great. I am part of the Talent Show committee and Christmas committee.  Both of these activities have turned out great and I hope to be more involved in some more for this year.

Christmas Sandwiches:

Every year my family and I hand out sandwiches to the needy people in the downtown east side. This is something very good to do and it always makes you feel good inside after you have done it. I think this is a really great thing to do and I hope I can do this in years to come.

Zoom Festival

I know this is a little to late to be talking about this considering that the Zoom Film Festival was before winter break, but when it did happened I participated in it. I had wanted to do this for quite a while and I was waiting until I got into grade seven so that I could do this, I was really excited. Ray Tan, Will Fuller, Alex Brun, Michael Calder were in my group, and I was the director and cameraman. It was really a lot of fun doing the festival. The theme was everything has its limits and the prop that we had to use was a map. The movie we made as about two kids find a treasure with tons of gold while walking in the forest, earlier one of the kids friends had asked him if he wanted to do something, but he said he couldn’t because he went to hang out with his other friend which he found the gold with. So then the friends go and buy all this new stuff with the gold that they had found. They had bought drum sets, guitars, Xbox’s, table hockey sets and more. Soon enough the both of them have spent way over their limit of the amount of gold they had and now they are in debt. While the friends are looking over the bill of stuff they have bought one of the friends get a phone call, and it turns out to be a doctor. The doctor said that the friends, friend who I had mentioned earlier (The kids friend who he didn’t want to hang out with) and he was very sick, and his parent could not pay for the treatment that they needed. The two friends then realize that thy could have spent their wealth on saving their friend who eventually dies instead of being greedy and buying things for them selves. Although we did not win anything I still think this was a good start for my Zoom Festival career. I had tons of fun making the movie and I  want to continue doing the festival in the future.