Mid – Term Reflection

This far in math I think that I am doing quite well. I am generally finishing all of my homework in class, but if not I finish it at home. I think that I am keeping a good balance of talking in class and actually doing my work. I am trying to limit my talking in class, but that is probably one more thing that I could improve on.

I think that in Science I am doing pretty well. For the last unit I understood all of the material, but on the test I didn’t do as well as I hoped. All I think that I could do better would be focusing more in class and not socializing as much. I understand most of the material, but I think by listening more I will understand better.

Right now in English we are doing our speeches. I knew what I wanted to do already and I finished my speech very quickly and now I am reviewing it and memorizing it. Overall right now in English I feel I am doing quite well.

Social Studies:
In Socials I feel I am doing quite well. For our last project which was making a collage on some one important from the renaissance I received 7 of 8, 8 of 8, and 6 of 8.

These are a few of the classes I would like to comment on for the rest of the classes I am doing well too. Overall I think that this new term has been going quite well right now.

NOTN Reflection

Yesterday was Night of the Notables. My notable was John Lennon. I enjoyed researching and acting s him for Night of the Notables. I was very interested in learning more about some one that I had always been interested in. I answered all the questions that people had asked me with ease. I knew everything I was talking about, and I am confident that I did a very good job.

Pangea Day Creative Writing

Please watch this video before reading the story below: http://www.pangeaday.org/filmDetail.php?id=9

I can see it…the colours flying around me…I reach towards it…

Where is it? Where has it gone? I was so close, but now I am now back in my dull gray life. I turn over back onto my plush bed. Feeling like cold stone against my skin the linen wrinkled underneath me. It’s like this every day. I haven’t felt comfortable in my own bed for what seems like the longest time. I sit up on my bed throwing the sheets off of me, exposing my body to the lonely air of the world I live in. Is there anything left in this world to live for? Should I just return to my work that the drones around me have accepted? Why must I give up like this? I reach into the bottom of my self to find my lost dream and hopes. I see what I had wished to do, what I want to do. I see it for a split second, then it disintegrates right in front of me, just like everything else that meant something to me.  I get onto the bus for work. No one speaks, no one ever does. There is nothing to talk of anyway. Nothing in this meaningless life. The same routine everyday. On and on again. I think I might go mad. I create the same worthless product. Make you happy it advertises. How can this make you happy. It’s like a drug, artificial happiness. Billboards of this product are strewn across the city. It came from nothing, it just took over everything that meant something to me. Like a plague. I think, I can see it now! I don’t have to be making this same trash anymore. At home I imagine it. It’s beautiful just like it used to be. But now Its gone. I don’t know how to. The thought of my invention not being in the world. This colourless  world where nothing even remotely joyful exists, will last forever? No, no, no, no, no this can’t be happening. My only hope is, is, what is my hope. Do I have nothing?  I begin to make this awful product again the next day, but then I see it. I can take away these parts and make my own! I work on it. The bliss I see while the ideas flash through my head. I can see what I have been yearning for. Then the  yelling. It’s horrible, it won’t stop. They throw me out. Back out into the gray nothingness. I feel it now, blazing inside of me like a burst of colour was going to explode out of me any second. Once again I reach down inside the depths of myself to find what I long for, happiness. And I find it, stronger that it has ever been before. I rush back to my dull apartment. I open the tool box I begin to work, work harder than I ever have before. And now I know what finally was missing in my invention, true happiness. I add two drops in each goggle and I put them on. I can see it…clearer than ever, right in front of me. Like I am actually living in this world of complete bliss…Just like the old times. But It all pours out too quickly, the lights, the fame, the cameras, everything that I wanted. But still I feel there’s something missing. My product hits the shelves like a tsunami. This is the product of the century, I am crowned the greatest inventor of all time. I am the most happy anyone can be. I have everything I have ever wanted! But still there is a longing within me for…true happiness. I am the most happy man alive, but I am truly happy? Is this really what I want? I have become the exact opposite of what I wished to be. A monster. Will I never be happy?

This is a story that I wrote for English. I had to write this based on the thoughts that I thought the main character in the movie “More| was thinking. I am extremely proud of this piece of writing that I did. I received a 10 of 10 and a 9 of 10. These are some of thi highest marks that you can get for this project.