Summit 2 Kayaking Trip

Two weekends ago my elective group Summit 2 went on a kayaking trip to the northern gulf islands. We arrived at school at early in the morning took the bus to Horseshoe Bay to catch our first ferry. We took two ferries to get to our location, and after our second one we finally arrived on Gabriola around 12:00. We packed all of our stuff into our kayaks and hit the water about a half hour later. As we started our kayak the weather was okay and there were some pretty dark clouds above us which wasn’t a good sign. Eventually as the trip went on, about 2 hours into the trip the rain started to pour rain extremely hard. Due to the torrential rain and harsh winds, we had to stop earlier from our intended camping spot. As we finally climbed out of our kayaks onto the cold shore we were relieved to finally be on solid ground once again. We were unbelievably cold when we arrived, but a quick change of clothes and a dry off changed that.
After a nice meal and a good sleep we were set for the morning. Fortunately for us, it had stopped raining over night. We had been prepared for it to rain the next day so it was a  nice surprise to have the sunshine. In the morning we made a nice meal of oatmeal and bacon that set us up well until lunch. We hung around camp until lunch and went for a short hike around the island. After lunch the group set out on a kayak that lasted about 2 hours. We circled around some islands on this paddle and stayed close to the shore in order to see some interesting things. Once we arrived back from the kayak we had a scavenger hunt. On this hunt the teachers had set up, we ran all around the small island in search for various objects like certain plants, garbage, and more. After all these activities on our second day we were tired out and ready for a good rest.
The next morning we woke up very early at 6:00 as we needed to catch a ferry leaving Gabriola. So we quickly packed all of our gear and set out on the water once more.
We arrived back on shore in the late morning making good time. We jumped in the bus, took two ferries and were finally home once again.
Overall, this was a great trip that I enjoyed very much. I learned some valuable skills that will definitely benefit me in future endeavorssummit2kayak.

World Religion Field Trip Reflection

Last week on Wednesday I went on a field trip to see different temples such as a Synagogue, A Sikh Temple, and A Buddhist Temple. All of these three places of worship were very interesting and I learned a lot about different religions.

The first place we went to was the Jewish Synagogue. When we were inside the Synagogue the boys had to wear a Kippah, which is a small hat. This hat is worn because it is  used as a reminder that there is a god above us. The inside of the Synagogue was very nice.

The second place of worship that we went to was a Sikh Temple. In the Sikh Temple we had take our shoes off and wear a veil over our head. The veil was worn for respect. On the inside of the temple there were elaborate colours that had many intricate designs. We learnt that there were 10 living gurus in the Sikh religion, and all these gurus wrote poetry. They all had combined their poetry to make  a book. The last guru made that book of poetry the next guru and it has been the guru since. There we also had our lunch. For lunch we ate dull curry, some rice, and fruit. The dull curry was my favourite. It was kind of spicy, but it was really tasty with good flavours.

Finally we went to the Buddhist temple. There was lots of delicate design on the architecture. All the architectural work was very aesthetically pleasing.

Overall the World Religions Field Trip was fun, interesting, and a great new learning experience.

Bird Banding Field Trip

The bird banding field trip was very fun and interesting.
At the first station we went to we learned all about the different types of birds, their characteristics, and what they did.
Second we went  to release birds. We saw one bird a lot named the Wilson’s Warbler. The Wilson’s Warbler was yellow and black it was really cool to hold. We also got to hold a hummingbird, the hummingbirds were very cool and they stayed on our hands for quite a while.
And finally we went to a station where we learned about the breeding patterns and what we could do to help keep the bird population high.
Overall the field trip was very cool and fun.