NOTN Reflection

Yesterday was Night of the Notables. My notable was John Lennon. I enjoyed researching and acting s him for Night of the Notables. I was very interested in learning more about some one that I had always been interested in. I answered all the questions that people had asked me with ease. I knew everything I was talking about, and I am confident that I did a very good job.

Progress Report Reflection

In my progress report I think that I did fairly well. I received 1 E and the rest of my effort marks were S’s. That is one thing I think I could improve on. I could do this by not sitting next to people who distract me during class, and not talking when I’m supposed to be working. On the rubric marks I also did fairly well. I was normally in the higher marks on the rubric, above the regular. Overall I think I did pretty good on my progress report, but I still have room to improve.