Mathematics IA

The Math IA that I had to write this year was about the Gini Coefficient. I had actually thought of this topic when studying Geography as the Gini Coefficient was mentioned in a lesson and really interested me. After doing more research, I found that there was a great deal of math involved in the Gini Coefficient. So I decided it would be a good topic to look into for my IA. The following is the introduction to my IA:

At the beginning of the year, learning calculus really came of great interest to me. Starting with limits, derivatives, and integration, I became quite interested in the expansions and applications of the topic. During my own research and studying ahead in the textbook, I came across integration and the calculation of the area under a curve, which I understood to be the opposite of differentiation, which I had already learned. The varying ways in which the area under a curve can be calculated mechanically, without the function, really interested me. Furthermore, the application of such calculations would prove to be of interest and show links between the subjects I am studying, in particular geography.

The Gini Coefficient is one area of geography in which I had studied earlier in the year. The Gini Coefficient identifies the income inequalities within a specified region, usually a country, and then calculates a coefficient between 0 and 1, to quantify the inequalities. The calculation of the area under a curve is directly linked to the calculation of Gini Coefficient.

Mid – Term Reflection

This far in math I think that I am doing quite well. I am generally finishing all of my homework in class, but if not I finish it at home. I think that I am keeping a good balance of talking in class and actually doing my work. I am trying to limit my talking in class, but that is probably one more thing that I could improve on.

I think that in Science I am doing pretty well. For the last unit I understood all of the material, but on the test I didn’t do as well as I hoped. All I think that I could do better would be focusing more in class and not socializing as much. I understand most of the material, but I think by listening more I will understand better.

Right now in English we are doing our speeches. I knew what I wanted to do already and I finished my speech very quickly and now I am reviewing it and memorizing it. Overall right now in English I feel I am doing quite well.

Social Studies:
In Socials I feel I am doing quite well. For our last project which was making a collage on some one important from the renaissance I received 7 of 8, 8 of 8, and 6 of 8.

These are a few of the classes I would like to comment on for the rest of the classes I am doing well too. Overall I think that this new term has been going quite well right now.

Term One Math Reflection

So far this year in math we have covered integers, ratios, fractions, percentages, and are partway through algebra. I think that I had a solid understanding of the first unit this year that included integers, fractions, and ratios. On the test I received a 5 -5 mark. I could solve most of the basic problems, and most of the higher level questions. I was good solving operation with fractions, I could solve division, multiplication, subtraction, and addition problems. I could also solve most integers problems with ease. I had a basic understanding of ratios as well, I found some of the ratios problems a little challenging, but I didn’t have too much trouble.
The second unit was percentages. For the basic percentages problems I was good with solving, but once it got to the higher level problems I had more challenges. I received a 5-4 mark on the test. I think that I had a generally good understanding of the percentages unit although I could improve a little more .
Finally, we are on our last unit before Christmas break, algebra. I think that I am doing well in algebra right now. I understand how to simplify expressions, and create a number trick. We have just done the number trick and I think that I have done pretty well on it.
Overall I think that I have a good understanding of all the math this year, although I can still improve.

Numbers Math Test Reflection

I think for my first math test of the year I did pretty well. I got a 5 – 5 mark. this is around the average, or a bit over. I think that my strengths on this test were doing the order of operations questions. I got most of these right, even the more tough ones with more difficult problems. Another one of my strengths is doing the operations with fractions. I did quite well on this part. My weaknesses were on the harder 7 -8 level questions at the end of the test. These questions are unfamiliar questions that are much harder.