CAS Update


School Rugby:
Before Christmas break I was part of the Mulgrave grade 8 – 9 rugby team. We didn’t win a game during the season although we did come very close. Our team did fairly well during the season we played hard every game and tried our best.

Capilano Rugby:
Outside of school I belong to Capilano Rugby Club. We have games or practices every Sunday and our team is very successful. We have only lost very few games out  of the many we have played so far. Our team is one of the strongest in the league. We have strong tacklers, strong runner, and are overall pretty good. I am the teams flyhalf and kicker. I am very content on how are team is doing so far this season.

School Basketball:
This year in school basketball we have done pretty well. In the beginning of the season I was on the grade 8-9 A Team, but later dropped to the B Team because I wanted more playing time. I think hat dropping down to the B team was a good decision on my part because I think that since I will be able to get more playing time I will be able to improve and play more on the A team next year. On the B team we are doing very well. In our league we are winning quite a few of the games we are playing and the ones that we do lose are very close.


In the beginning of the year I was playing piano as I have been for  the last 7 years. My playing was quite good,but I decided to quit playing piano after the Christmas break. I have stopped taking lessons although I will continue to play by myself and teach myself to play some songs by myself.

Bass Guitar:
This year I began to play the bass guitar.  I have now played it for a few months and have really enjoyed playing the bass guitar so farr. One of the favourite things that I enjoy doing with the bass guitar is improvising. My guitar teacher will give me the base notes for thebasss line and then I will make my own bass line and play along with songs. I really enjoy bass guitar right now and I hope I can continue playing bass in the future.


Welcome Back BBQ:
In the beginning of the year i volunteered and the Mulgrave Welcome Back BBQ. I helped direct traffic and help at some of the stations. This a great opportunity to grab early in the year, it’s also fun as well.

This year I have been picked to join M-SAC. I was very happy to be picked and so far all of the things that we have done in m-SAC have been great. I am part of the Talent Show committee and Christmas committee.  Both of these activities have turned out great and I hope to be more involved in some more for this year.

Christmas Sandwiches:

Every year my family and I hand out sandwiches to the needy people in the downtown east side. This is something very good to do and it always makes you feel good inside after you have done it. I think this is a really great thing to do and I hope I can do this in years to come.

Sandwiches for the Needy

During Christmas break my entire family made over 60 sandwiches and put them into bags along with some juice, cookies, a granola bar, and some chips.My family went to the downtown east side to hand out these sandwiches to the homeless people. In the beginning I was a little bit worried, but after we did it we all felt really good afterwards. Although most of the people that we saw and handed sandwiches out to had mental health problems or had a drug addiction they were all nice and kind when we gave them the food. All of them said thank you and were very grateful for what we had done. This now something that our family is doing during the Christmas break and I am very happy that we do it. I always feel really happy and good after I hand out all the food and I am looking forward to doing it in th eyears to come!

Food For The Less Fortunate

Just before Christmas my family and I had made around 50-60 sandwiches for the poor and less fortunate. We had small paper bags and gave them sandwiches, juice boxes, some chocolate, and cookies. I am going to use this as one of my major citizenship goals. We had gone to the east-side of Vancouver and  gave out the sandwiches, I was surprised of how many people took them, they were gone it about 15 minutes. There were so many different people that were there, at some points I had become a bit scared to give the bags to some people as they looked scary to me, but when I offered it to them they were really nice and accepted them. After I had done this I had felt really good about myself It was the greatest feeling ever!

Score Keeping

For one of my minor service commitments I am doing score keeping! Score keeping is really fun. The very first time I did score keeping was for volleyball and I found it quite confusing, but after a while I got the hang of it. When you get the hang of it score keeping becomes really fun. I also find it great to just watch a good game!