Social Studies 8 Year End Reflection

One topic that I took great interest in this during Social Studies is King Henry VIII. It has affected my outlook on him because before I did not know too much, but afterwards I realized he was not that great of king. His entire reign he was trying to get a male heir to take his place after he died. So in order to do this he had seven wives and to get seven wives he had support a new religion that would allow him to do this. This improved me as I now know more about history during the Middle Ages and how different life is compared to how it was back then.
The second topic that I enjoyed learning about this year is the Renaissance. I enjoyed this because we learned about the change from the Middle Ages into an age that consisted of more creative and artistic thinking. This affected me as now I know how some of the modern day art came to be from the roots of some Renaissance art. This impacted my view on history as I have brighter outlook on history as I see the Renaissance as a better time with arts and music.
One improvement for next year would to focus better in class so that I could understand the topics better so that during assessments I can receive higher marks.

Mid – Term Reflection

This far in math I think that I am doing quite well. I am generally finishing all of my homework in class, but if not I finish it at home. I think that I am keeping a good balance of talking in class and actually doing my work. I am trying to limit my talking in class, but that is probably one more thing that I could improve on.

I think that in Science I am doing pretty well. For the last unit I understood all of the material, but on the test I didn’t do as well as I hoped. All I think that I could do better would be focusing more in class and not socializing as much. I understand most of the material, but I think by listening more I will understand better.

Right now in English we are doing our speeches. I knew what I wanted to do already and I finished my speech very quickly and now I am reviewing it and memorizing it. Overall right now in English I feel I am doing quite well.

Social Studies:
In Socials I feel I am doing quite well. For our last project which was making a collage on some one important from the renaissance I received 7 of 8, 8 of 8, and 6 of 8.

These are a few of the classes I would like to comment on for the rest of the classes I am doing well too. Overall I think that this new term has been going quite well right now.

Renaissance Collage Reflection

For my Renaissance Collage I chose Leonardo Da Vinci to be my topic. I chose Leonardo Da Vinci as my collage topic because he is a very interesting man. I learned about his many professions such as being a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer. I also learned about how he did his work through dissections of the human body to better understand the anatomy of the body. I liked doing this project because I can relate to my topic very well through a few of his many professions such as music and painting. Next time for a suggestion I would want to have more class time and more space to create the collage in a more detailed way. For myself I think I spent my class time well so that I could do as much of the work as I could, because of this I was able to finish my collage and write-up before most people. I think that working hard during class time really helped me get my work done quickly, efficiently, and well.

World Religion Field Trip Reflection

Last week on Wednesday I went on a field trip to see different temples such as a Synagogue, A Sikh Temple, and A Buddhist Temple. All of these three places of worship were very interesting and I learned a lot about different religions.

The first place we went to was the Jewish Synagogue. When we were inside the Synagogue the boys had to wear a Kippah, which is a small hat. This hat is worn because it is  used as a reminder that there is a god above us. The inside of the Synagogue was very nice.

The second place of worship that we went to was a Sikh Temple. In the Sikh Temple we had take our shoes off and wear a veil over our head. The veil was worn for respect. On the inside of the temple there were elaborate colours that had many intricate designs. We learnt that there were 10 living gurus in the Sikh religion, and all these gurus wrote poetry. They all had combined their poetry to make  a book. The last guru made that book of poetry the next guru and it has been the guru since. There we also had our lunch. For lunch we ate dull curry, some rice, and fruit. The dull curry was my favourite. It was kind of spicy, but it was really tasty with good flavours.

Finally we went to the Buddhist temple. There was lots of delicate design on the architecture. All the architectural work was very aesthetically pleasing.

Overall the World Religions Field Trip was fun, interesting, and a great new learning experience.

Social Studies eFolio reflection

  1. Describe a piece of work that you were proud of in Social Studies this term: The piece that I am very proud of this year is the timeline comic strip.
    1. What is it about?: In this piece we had to create a timeline comic strip that showed the evolution of man from earliest stages to the future and you had predict what man would be like in the future.
    2. Why are you proud of it?: I am proud this work because I got a 9 of 10 and 6 of 8 on it, and I was really proud of the information and drawings were really detailed and realistic looking.
    3. Did you overcome any challenges in completing it?: Josh and I had a bit of problem with the deadline because we had to finish the project on the last day really quickly, but we still got it done!
  2. What have you discovered about your learning/ learning style through Social Studies? I have found that I can learn better when watching a video like one of the videos that we watch as opposed to listening.
  3. Looking ahead to the next term, what are your goals in Social Studies?: I want to focus more in class so that I can get better marks.