Final IB Film

Just recently, before spring break, I finished my final IB film as well as the production portfolio that went along with it. This process was very long and very hard. The film is about a student named Calvin who has no motivation and refuses to do any work, spending his days playing video games. After finding an unlikely source of inspiration, Calvin is able to turn his life around. Our group was pretty well organized and despite this, we still ran into many setbacks that hindered the film. However, in the end I’m still very happy with the final product of the film as I worked very hard. My role within the film was as an actor and sound designer.

University Updates

Well into the final year of school, I am now also underway with my university applications. I would say that I am about 1/2 the way through them, having submitted my OUAC and UBC applications. I still have to complete edits to my Ivey, Smith and Rotman schools of Business at Western, Queen’s and U of T. Throughout this process I have actually learned a great deal of useful tips pertaining to writing. For UBC and Queen’s, I’ve learned that it is important to be reflective and to comment on what you’ve learned from specific experiences. On the other hand, for the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western, it is better to show what you, specifically, have done in situations to showcase your leadership/initiative/risk-taking etc. skills. As I continue to plough through these applications and submit them, I will be back with updates as to which universities I am leaning towards and more.

Con Brio Music Festival

This past weekend I was in Whistler for the 17th Annual Con Brio Music Festival. This was the first time that I have been in this particular festival, but I have attended and competed in others in the past. This festival was different than any others that I have been to because all of the other bands and choirs were at a very high level, this pushing our ensembles to work even harder.

On the first full day, Friday, I performed with the Chamber Choir. The songs we sung were MLK, Wayfaring Stranger, and Seal’s Lullaby. Each of these songs were difficult, particularly Seal’s Lullaby which had some difficult harmonies. The performance went well, and afterwards in the workshop we received some good feedback from one adjudicator. That night we watched some other choirs perform, including the Mulgrave Jazz Choir, who put on a good show. We also watched one Jazz Band from the USA, who were extremely good.

The next day on Saturday, I played in the Jazz Band. We performed in the afternoon and played three songs, Jump O’Clock One, My Ship, and Grease Wheezer. Because there are two electric bass players in the band we had to split up the songs, I played the last two songs, and Jerry the other bass player, played the first. We performed very well, and I was quite proud of the band. We additionally received some good advice from adjudicators on how to improve as a band, but not specifically for me which I found a bit disappointing.

On the last day of the trip I performed in both the massed band and choir. Personally, I found both of these massed ensemble to be a waste of time, as I didn’t take much away from them. I probably wouldn’t want to do these again if I had the option.

Overall, I had a great time at the festival through performing, watching, and also being with my friends. Wherever we go next year, I am looking forward to!

Term One Reflection (Unofficial)

So far I am content with my academic, athletic, artistic, and social progression throughout my first term back at Mulgrave.
Relating to academics, I am pleased with my grades that I have achieved on my end of term report card. While happy with my grades, I know, and I will continue to improve my marks and reach my academic goals. There are a few simple fixes that I already have in mind, so that a firm understanding of I what I have to do, specifically to improve my grades.
For athletics I have already had a very active year at and outside of Mulgrave. At Mulgrave I have been part of the Senior Soccer Team, but I unfortunately wasn’t able to attend provincials with the team. I am also now on the Senior A Basketball Team that despite many struggles, has proven to be worthwhile and useful in improving my personal skills. Outside of Mulgrave I attended a Western Canada Rugby training camp, and now in the upcoming weeks, will be travelling to Las Vegas to represent British Columbia in the Las Vegas Invitational Rugby Tournament. I am thrilled to be a part of this very selective team and wish to put my talents to the test against some older players in Vegas.
For the Arts this term, I have been part of the Mulgrave Chamber Choir and Jazz Band. Both of these ensembles have been very successful at some of the holiday concerts this year including Fall Fusion and Glow, and both of them being highlights of both concerts. In April, I am looking forward to competing with both of these groups in Whistler against some strong musical competition that will surely impress.
In my first term back at Mulgrave, after a one year hiatus, I feel as if I have fit back into Mulgrave well,  renewing my relationships with teachers and many peers that I now am very close with. I am currently very happy with the year as of now, and am greatly looking forward to what the rest of the year, and the rest of time at Mulgrave has in store.

2015-2016 Goals Update

So far this year, I have kept on track with my goals and I am happy with my progression as a whole.

For my academic goals I have been retaining these, except I need to work a bit harder in a few classes to push in order to receive a 6. This will involve more revision at home, and additionally making sure I am caught up on missed work.

In terms of creativity, I am also doing well. Just yesterday I had my first formal performance with the Chamber Choir and the Jazz Band, this went well. I just need to ensure that my schedule is always up to date so that I am never missing any practices.

My service goals are progressing very well and I am happy with them thus far. I helped organize Halloween festivities at Mulgrave last week, and now I am working on a separate Spirit Week portfolio.

Finally for my athletic goals, I also believe that I am working well. Tomorrow I leave for the Western Canada development camp at Shawnigan Lake School on Vancouver Island. This will be a great opportunity for me to showcase my abilities to national coaches, as well as learning a good deal of rugby from veteran coaches.

Western Canada Rugby Selection!

Today I had the great pleasure to receive an email from Rugby Canada as I was selected to represent Western Canada this Fall and participate in a strenuous training camp. Since the summer BC Rugby series against Alberta, I have been waiting for this email so that I can attend the selections for Canada West. I am extremely happy that I have made it this far, but I’m aware of the fact that there is still a very long way to go in this journey. This step forward is for sure a great advancement in my rugby career as of now, and I’m looking forward to training with and representing my Country in the upcoming month!Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.49.06 PM

2015-2016 Goals

Academics Goals:

1. Achieve a 5 at they very least in all my subjects with 2-3 6’s
– Stay on top of all my homework
– Study in advance for all tests
– Attend all my classes and catch up on work that I miss

Creativity Goals:

1. Compete in competitions for Choir and Jazz Band
– Attend all Choir and Jazz Band practices
– Spend time practicing in my own time

Service Goals:

1. Successfully plan and collaborate to conduct Spirit Week with SSAC
– Attend all SSAC meetings
– Be engaged in meetings
– Stay organized with all aspects of my portfolio

Action Goals:

1. Win my Fall Club Rugby Season
– Be at all training sessions
– Practice during my own time

2. Make the Western Canada Rugby Team
– Improve my fitness at club training and in my own time
– During training, focus on the weaker aspects of my game
– Prioritize my positional skills for improvement


Summit 2 Kayaking Trip

Two weekends ago my elective group Summit 2 went on a kayaking trip to the northern gulf islands. We arrived at school at early in the morning took the bus to Horseshoe Bay to catch our first ferry. We took two ferries to get to our location, and after our second one we finally arrived on Gabriola around 12:00. We packed all of our stuff into our kayaks and hit the water about a half hour later. As we started our kayak the weather was okay and there were some pretty dark clouds above us which wasn’t a good sign. Eventually as the trip went on, about 2 hours into the trip the rain started to pour rain extremely hard. Due to the torrential rain and harsh winds, we had to stop earlier from our intended camping spot. As we finally climbed out of our kayaks onto the cold shore we were relieved to finally be on solid ground once again. We were unbelievably cold when we arrived, but a quick change of clothes and a dry off changed that.
After a nice meal and a good sleep we were set for the morning. Fortunately for us, it had stopped raining over night. We had been prepared for it to rain the next day so it was a  nice surprise to have the sunshine. In the morning we made a nice meal of oatmeal and bacon that set us up well until lunch. We hung around camp until lunch and went for a short hike around the island. After lunch the group set out on a kayak that lasted about 2 hours. We circled around some islands on this paddle and stayed close to the shore in order to see some interesting things. Once we arrived back from the kayak we had a scavenger hunt. On this hunt the teachers had set up, we ran all around the small island in search for various objects like certain plants, garbage, and more. After all these activities on our second day we were tired out and ready for a good rest.
The next morning we woke up very early at 6:00 as we needed to catch a ferry leaving Gabriola. So we quickly packed all of our gear and set out on the water once more.
We arrived back on shore in the late morning making good time. We jumped in the bus, took two ferries and were finally home once again.
Overall, this was a great trip that I enjoyed very much. I learned some valuable skills that will definitely benefit me in future endeavorssummit2kayak.

CAS Final Reflection

This year I have met my CAS goals. For the year I think I am most proud of going on a rugby tour with my club team to Las Vegas and winning the entire tournament. I am proud of this because my team was U15 and we were playing up in a U16 division, so it was a great accomplishment that we won the whole tournament. For the summer I have a few ideas of CAS goals that I might want to achieve. For the athletics side of CAS I am striving towards making the U15 BC Gold team that will play in the U16 PRC’s. For the service side of CAS I intend to volunteer as a junior instructor at PedalHeads bike camp again.
This year in CAS I have learned some new skills that will prove to be very beneficiary in the upcoming years ahead. For example; while working with PedalHeads and helping young children learn to ride bikes, I learned to become patient and work better with children. This could be very important in the future considering possible career opportunities.
In terms of athletics skill development, rugby helped me a lot. In rugby I have developed many of the ke skills in order to succeed in rugby. For example; My passing, situation analysis, tackling, and more. These skills will help me in the future with my rugby career. These skills will help me in situations like, representative rugby, leadership roles, school rugby and more.


This year so far i have enjoyed my electives. The three electives I am partaking in are Music Combo, Video Production, and Summit 2.
Music Combo has been really fun this year and I enjoy it a lot. I find it fun to get some of your friends together and play music like in this elective. In the band my friends and I have made there are five other members besides me. Lucky, Judson, Matthew Hank, and Alex. In the beginning of the year we were working on a few easy songs to get a basis of what we may work on. As the year progressed towards Christmas we selected two songs for the Christmas Concert. “All I want for Christmas is You” By: Mariah Carey, and “Last Christmas” By: George Michaels. I look forward to working on and playing with my band in the future.
In Video Production I am also enjoying myself. So far my group has worked on three different film projects throughout the year. The first was one to learn different types of angles and shots to base our movies around, the second was a dialogue scene from any movie we choose, we selected ‘Hot Rod”, and our third project we are working on right now is a trailer, we chose to model ours around “The Hunger Games”. I am having a lot of fun working with my peers this year in the film side of things and I enjoy this elective very much.
My final elective that I am taking is Summit 2. In Summit 2 we learn a lot about the outdoors and what to do if we find ourselves in various outdoor situations. The first thing that we have done this year was a backpacking trip to Garibaldi. Right now after our backpacking trip we moved onto our first-aid course. In our first-aid course we are learning how to take care of people safely and how to conduct yourself when under that kind of pressure. I think that all these skills that I am being taught from this course will be very helpful in the future and I hope to enjoy the rest of this elective.