Goals Update

So far in the year, there have been some successes and progressions in my goals, so it is necessary for an update.

Short term goals:
Yay! In the end of January, I completed my grade 10 piano exam and achieved an 85 mark! Higher than what I was striving for, which is evidence that the balanced practicing paid off. It wasn’t even that stressful, because I played in about 3-4 20-30 minute chunks everyday, I still managed to complete all of my other school work in time. My piano teacher was also very helpful, as she made me feel very prepared and ready for the exam. Now that this goal can be ticked off the list, all of my focus can go into completing my ARCT by maybe grade 11. This would be ideal, as I know grade 12 at Mulgrave is very academically intensive. I will continue this method of practicing in chunks for my ARCT because I feel that it was very effective.

I have just started my ARCT, and I already know that it is a HUGE leap from grade 10 piano. I was required to choose 6 pieces of composition, each very different from each other from different eras and styles of piano. My Particular favourite is my list C, romantic era piece called Ballade No. 1 by Chopin. It is claimed to be one of the most stylistically and technically challenging pieces in piano, but it is just so beautiful that it is my dream to be able to play it up to speed in its full 10 minute entirety.

Here is its interpretation by Krystian Zimerman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce8p0VcTbuA

Long term goals:
I feel that I have made huge progressions in my long term goals. I have been expanding my friend circle, by talking and associating myself with people I’d like to know better, rather than only just people I am very comfortable with. Additionally, school trips such as the Eastern Canada trip and the GEO Dominican Republic trip, have been, and will be, great opportunities where I was able to become more comfortable and outgoing with many people in and outside of our grade. I will continue to work on this ongoing goal.

So far, I have been acting upon service opportunities. I have been continuing my volunteering at the library on the weekends, and I have also been completing my application for service groups in grade 10. I also plan to tryout for MERT next year, as I have already completed my first aid certification last summer. I have been actively keeping track of any emails and other resources that are given to me, so I am kept up to date and am involved in the community; school and West Vancouver.