Academy of Tomorrow Module 2

It was nice getting back to Academy of Tomorrow the second time, although this time I struggled to keep up with my homework a little bit, but soon recovered thereafter.

The mindfulness activities continue to be a rather efficient way to wake us up and make us ‘present’ at Academy of Tomorrow. One of my favourites is one where we sat or lied (in any position we found comfortable) and our instructor guided us through our own imaginary world of a beach house where we felt the warm sand with our toes, smelled the sea breeze, and heard the waves crashing onto the shore, we then walked up a set of staircase and reached a beach house with the doors wide open and then walked through the rooms. And till this day, the image stays absolutely vibrant in my memory.

I’ve gotta say that the thing stuck with me the most from this module is definitely the self-story, the process in which good stories are told. First is the story of self. What was the story that made¬†you realize something big and changed yourself to become who you are today? It could be something big like a near-death experience, but also something small like discovering a secret room in your house. As long as the experience made you change the way you looked at life or how to be a person or who you want to be. The second part is the story of us. Why are you talking to who you are talking to? maybe the audience of a TED talk? or your family members? Why are they involved and related to what you talked about? Why them and not other people? The third part is the story of now, also known as the call to action. Why do we have to act now? why not 10 years later? Why is it important?

Then we all had time to work on our own story of self. A few students had time to present and I took the opportunity to practice my public speaking skills. When I got up to speak, I wasn’t fully prepared with a pre-written script, I just had a few bullet points and a basic outline of what I wanted to talk about, as I was (still am) really confused about the moment I changed most in my life. I probably haven’t experienced it yet, so I just went up for public speaking practice. And that’s probably when I realized that improvisation skills are so important for leaders.

At first the improv classes we had every other day (since module 1) seemed like time for us to relax and have fun and have a laugh (compared to the more monotonous blocks like Design Thinking, which proves to be quite quite quite similar to be Design Technology in the IB MYP program, which no ones wanted to be reminded of on this week off from school), but it turns out that improv is extremely important in terms of being a good leader.

Additionally, we started a new and larger design project trying to find a solution to food waste. We interviewed experts, collected information, made lots and lots of brainstorm and mind maps. A lot of experience was gained although it wasn’t as fun as the other activities.

In module 3 we will probably finish the design project and continue with our story of selves. I wonder what new experience it will bring for us.

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