Academy of Tomorrow Last and Final Module 3

I must say that for some reason module 3 was not as fun as the other two. Actually it’s probably because we had Design thinking for more like 5 hours straight everyday of this module. Because of this, we didn’t have time to have many fun activities at all. We talked with more experts, made prototypes that may not have been successful, and organized a group presentation and presented it in modified Pecha Kucha style on the last day. Where we had 12 slides timed to 20 seconds each. We explained a whole research process and the prototypes we made and where they might or might not have succeeded as well as the call to action (mentioned in the reflection of module 2).┬áBecause we are all IB students and we’ve done more presentations than necessary, we didn’t learn too much from presenting and organizing a presentation, though I can’t say none.

Other than that, the most important thing we learned was visioning. We had a visioning meditation activity on Thursday morning and then cut out from magazines and made a collage to recreate our vision in the afternoon. As a creative person, I really enjoyed the process of making the collage. We also had to come up with our own vision statement (putting the vision we saw into a few sentences, explaining what kind of world we want to live in and what role we would play in that world). Mine was: “to create a stress-free environment for myself in which I can do whatever I want whenever I want”. Which is not very realistic, but that’s okay because vision is the ideal, it’s something we may or may not achieve but will work towards it step by step. Which leads into the activity we did on the last day: to make 10 goals for ourselves that will help us get closer to our vision, as goals are more specific and detailed and achievable.

We also had our second “Leadership 30/30” activity on the last day (the first one was on the last day of module 1). All of us saw drastic improvements in our confidence levels and our willingness to show our vulnerable side to an audience. The feedback cards were much contradictory though. Some people said I lacked confidence while others said I seemed confident.

But without a doubt, the graduation ceremony was the best activity of module 3. Instead of what I expected, which is rows of seats and calling names onto the front to receive the certificate, we had something much better. When our names were called, we had to dance our way between the other people lined up in two lines facing each other, and receive the certificate at the other end. It was an experience unlike any other. I definitely don’t regret going to the academy of tomorrow, I’ve learned lots of new things, including how to be mindful of my actions and my surrounding, of critical thinking and self-reflecting, of improvisation and of spontaneity. I also hope I’ve made new friends, but I’ll see…┬áThe Academy of Tomorrow has changed me drastically as a person, it might even become my story of self! (explained in the reflection of module 2)


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