Picture Book Quest

After reading the book Woods Runner, our class read some picture books individually, that our teacher laid out, and then had to go to the front of the classroom and tell the class the summary of the story, the place and time of the story (the settings), and show some strong pictures in the book. My book was The Harmonica. It’s about a Jewish boy who was separated from his family and sent to a concentration camp. The day before he was arrested, he received a gift from his father, a harmonica; the harmonica brought the boy and his family joy and music. When the Nazi at the concentration camp heard the boy play his harmonica at night, the Nazi made the boy play for him. So, the boy played, but he wondered why could there be such a heart, that enjoys music, behind a heart that ripped other people’s heart every day.

Here is the cover of the book and a link with further information about the book.


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