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Tunnel Book

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Every element of the tunnel book depicts my personality which makes me who I am today. To begin with, I have peace sign stickers, because I do not want North Korea to cause a world war. If they do, my home country, my home, and my family’s will not survive. Vividly, I can still remember the time when North Korea sent missiles to a South Korean navy ship to threaten war. It was horrifying but I feel safer now, away from all the huge commotion. Next, I have the function symbol f(x) to represent my affection for math. Learning advanced math was very challenging and tiring, but after you understand a concept, it feels satisfactory. Thirdly, I have a track to show my favourite sport, sprinting. I have been fond of sprinting, because I turned out to be fairly quick. Also, I have iPads, MacBooks, Apple logo, and Google logo to acknowledge my interest in programming and my dream of becoming a technician when I grow up. I am hoping to work for google after graduating a technology in MIT or Cal Tech. Under the spelling bee, there is a Harry Potter picture, because I was a huge Harry Potter fan since 2 years ago. Also reading Harry Potter Chronicles, helped me increase my knowledge on vocabularies, for JK Rowling is very linguistically smart. The Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and the Golden Bridge are placed to evoke my memories from the past when I went traveling with my family and saw marvellous architectures. Finally, I have an extremely modern looking car in the background, because I love sports cars and designing them. Lamborghini Veneno, one of my favourite cars, is placed on the background. Overall, all these memories, objects, and hobbies create who I am today, and will lead the rest of my life to a successful future.


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