Tunnel Book

​Every picture, sticker and medal on my tunnel book represents me. On my tunnel book, there is a picture of a plane. The plane represents my travels. I have learned so much through travelling. The plane on my tunnel book is an Australian airline. I have never been to Australia, but really want to go. The cross with Jesus and the tiny medal with a picture of Mary on it represents my religion, Christianity. All the leaves, flowers and roses represent nature. I love being outside and camping with my family. There is a picture of a school saying “welcome”. This represents me because I have already been to five different schools. The playbill and the Shrek musical picture both represent my uncle. My uncle lived with us until he moved to New York when I was in kindergarten. Now when I visit him, we always see a play together. In the back of my tunnel book is a bluebird. I included the bluebird because when I was younger, my dad and I saved a bluebird from a cat. My grandma also saved an abandoned bluebird. I have put some string on the side to represent my love for arts and crafts. Near the front is a quote by Dr. Seuss. I used this quote because my parents used to read me Dr. Seuss books when I was younger. I think all of his books have a good message. The skiing penguin represents me because I love to ski. I took ski lessons from when I was three until last year. The three bones represent my dogs. The big bone represents my old dog Ottis. The treats represent my newest dog Zack. Also, this book has a picture of things I love such as my baby cousins, my dogs, my family and my home. I took the pictures of my family from my camera because I love photography. Another thing I love is swimming. The blue waves represent the water. I have also put some simple things in my tunnel book like a soccer ball, candy and my birthday, which I all love. I included a peace sign because I do not like conflicts. In the end, every picture, sticker and medal represents me.

Mackenzie Walsh


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