Summit 2

This year I’ve been taking part in an elective called Summit 2, that focuses on the outdoors of BC and all that it has to offer. Recently, just under two months ago, we took a two night trip up to Elfin Lakes. On the first day we hiked uphill for the majority of the day and set up camp, enjoying the beautiful view. The next morning I was woken up early. The dew and mist were still very apparent, so we took our sleeping bags outside and watched the sunrise. That day we hiked up to opal cone, which was extremely cold and made seeing quite difficult, as we were literally in a cloud. Each night we would dedicate some time to look at the stars. It was amazing to see them all out at once, with no light pollution for miles. By the time we got back to the bus we had hiked approximately 37km. IMG_4517-1aq8mrd IMG_4624-1wzd403IMG_4346-1dgfhqe IMG_4494-1egwwaxIMG_4425-q8a2fo

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