Goals for the rest of the year

Now that Spring break is over and school has just started again, I have a number of goals I want to set for myself for the remainder of the school year. I have a range of goals from academic, to personal to athletic goals. Some of my academic goals for the remainder of this year include, making it on the principals list at the end of the year report card. This is a goal i’ve had since the beggining of the year, and I have come one point away, and for this next report card I would really like to achieve this goal. Another academic goal I have is to be more organized and on top of my homework and get help from teachers when I need it. This is something that I have really improved since the beginning of the year, and I hope to improve it even more, so I manage my school and basketball much easier. Besides from academic goals I do have some personal goals for the remainder of the year. One of them is to make more friends in a variety of grades and genders. I think this will give me a larger opportunity to be more social in and outside of school, which will ultimately help me in the long term. I also have some athletic goals I would like to accomplish, for the remainder of the year. In terms of basketball, I would like to get better at defense, becasue i’m not good at defense at all, and I would also like to further improve my shooting so I can consistently hit deep 3 pointers while maintaining my form. I would also like to try to be a leader for our Mustangs team.