Don’t Laugh, it’s a Tragedy!

Don’t Laugh, it’s a Tragedy
Journey to the edge of the World…
Will Prometheus be able to escape Zeus’s deadly wrath? Will Pandora be consumed by her curiosity? Is Medusa going to get her heart’s desire? Or will she be ugly…… forever? Can Jason get the fleece and avenge his father? Will the brave Theseus succeed on his quest? Can Ariadne find her true soul mate? This will be your chance to find out. On Thursday, May 5th 7:00pm at the Linda Hamer Theatre, Mulgrave Drama Club and Grade 6 present… Don’t Laugh it’s a Tragedy! Reserved-seating tickets are available for purchase via Eventbrite. General admission pricing is $15 for adults and $10 for students; tickets in the first two rows are $25. To learn more visit
Don’t hold back. Don’t try to suppress your curiosity like Pandora or bad things may happen. But… Do hold on tight or it will be a tragedy… Join us as we venture to the edge of the world to complete our quest. Will you come along?




Describe 3 skills and 3 attitudes/learner profile attributes a director would look for when auditioning actors.

Open mindedness – Because you have to learn to accept the fact that you might not get the role you wanted and that someone else might get it and you will have to be open minded and support/congratulate them.

Positivity – Because if you are negative, you will just make yourself depressed and others who are around you annoyed. Being positive and optimistic is not just a “feel good” delusion; it can improve your personality, your relationships, and your health! Positivity will most likely make you feel much better than being all Mr. Negative and sulking and moping around.

Communicator – Because if you really feel that you got a really bad part, you should go and talk to a teacher about it, and they can help you understand why you were chosen for that part, etc.

What did you learn about yourself through the audition process?
I learned that I can be pretty positive and optimistic if I really want to be; and that I can accept others getting a role I REALLY wanted, be be supportive to them.

What advice would you give to an actor who got a leading role and an actor who didn’t get a leading role or the role they wanted?

Leading role actor – “Hey, good job! Congrats on getting the part!” Or something like that. If I knew that they were the type who listened to advice, I would suggest that they don’t be too braggy and stuck-up about it, because that might make the people who didn’t get a role that they wanted feel bad or lose their self esteem or self confidence.

Actor who didn’t get wanted role – “You did really well during the audition! I’m sure that the teachers had a hard time choosing who to be what and so on. Hey, even if you wanted another role, look on the bright side… You get to watch the current actors and learn from them!”


Explain 3 new understandings you have about the rehearsal and production process.

I now know that big productions require lots of patience and cooperation; it isn’t all pretty costumes and breathtaking backgrounds, there’s a LOT going on behind the scenes, way more than I previously thought.
Patience – this is necessary because there’s is a lot of waiting around time when you have nothing to do and you just have to wait
Cooperation – you have to cooperation and compromise because not everyone is going to get a chance to practice blocking and dances and more on the same day; you just gotta wait for your turn
Caring – you have to be caring because not everyone is going to get the role they wanted, or the costume they wanted to wear, etc; you just have to go with the flow and encourage your classmates

What have been your strengths during our rehearsals?

I personally believe that I’m pretty good at memorizing things and so far I’ve almost memorized the whole script; so I can fill in for others if they are sick or absent.

What have been challenges or things you have had problems with?

I’m not very good at standing still for a long time, so I try to think about random things in order to take my attention off my aching legs.

What feedback have you been given?

I’ve been told not to enunciate pronouns.

What are you most excited about for the performance?

Getting to be in a big, formal production for the first time.

What makes you most nervous?

I’m not really nervous…


Describe three of the IB Learner Profile attributes that helped you through rehearsals and in the performance. Explain how you embodied/demonstrated them. (Inquirer, Knowledgeable, Thinker, Communicator, Principled, Open-Minded, Caring, Risk-Taker, Balanced, Reflective)

I think Open-Minded, Risk-Taker, and Inquirer really helped me through the rehearsals and performance because by being open-minded I stayed positive and tried to keep an optimistic attitude through the long, boring waiting times. By being a risk-taker I did things that I normally wouldn’t have done. By being a inquirer I understood what was going on and stayed un-confused throughout the makeup, hair, costume, blocking, mics, que-to-que, lighting, and performances.
Thinking of your role in the performance (chorus member, Athena, Poseidon, Apollo etc.)… Where did you get inspiration or from whom did you get inspiration? What influenced how you brought your character to life?

I got inspiration from the play “Something Rotten” that we watched on the Eastern USA Trip because all the actors there were very professional and they had lots of exaggerated expressions. My sister influenced how I brought my character to life, because since she only just turned 4 recently, she still has a lot of….. You could say emotional roller coasters. She can be happy one second, and the next, she’s sad. Since as the chorus we had to get the message “Don’t Laugh it’s a Tragedy” across, we had to switch emotions very quickly.

What did you discover about yourself during the Don’t Laugh, It’s A Tragedy rehearsals and performance?

I discovered that I can wait for quite a while if I can get what I want at the end.

What are you most proud about our performance of Don’t Laugh, It’s A Tragedy?

I’m really proud of everyone in general, because I know that everyone did their best and tried their hardest to make the performance as good as it could possibly be.


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