My Knowledge

Knowledge: Some new things I have learned just from end of November until now. For yeast the form is that yeast are tiny little blobs together. Also, there can be good mould and bad moulds. Moulds can kill other moulds and their are many mould names. Black mould can cause lung disease, and the colours can be named. Like green is for penicillium. I also, know have a better understanding of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions.

My Actions

Action: Choose, act, reflect is what you can do to take action for the world or around you. I. Have taken action by not wasting electricity, or water because if you leave the lights on when you are not in the house it just wastes it. I have not done much action around me because I didn’t really know how important it is around the world, now I know that their can be causes all over the world. An example can be the tsunami in Japan. Their can be earthquakes around the world that make people homeless. I now know that it is important to take action around your neighbourhood and the world. These reasons prove it is good to take action.

My Concepts

Concepts: In my Explain Everything presentation I learned that yeast is a micro-organism and they are fungus consisting oval cells, this would considered as the concept of function. Following up, if the dough is in a metal tin it causes the dough to rise upwards, the carbon dioxide gives it air. Our responsibility when dealing with yeast is to wash our hands before and after. Yeast can be used in lots of different foods like pizza’s (dough), bread, and some more. One things I can work on next time when doing an Explain Everything is to make sure when people are reading it they can see all the words because some got a little cut off at the end. Another, is to add pictures to what I am talking about so the reader can see an image on what it should look like if they were watching someone make dough for the fresh bread.

PYP Attitudes

Attitude: Respect is an important element that we need in grade 6. This is because in grade 6 we should be respectful with each other and be able to trust each other. Especially with our teachers, we should give the most respect to them. If we are emailing our teacher for a question we should be writing nice and formal emails to them. I show independence because when they say to do something on your own I do it, and I do not chat to my friends when we should be working. Further more when we are doing an independent presentation that we do independently. These are some reasons why we need to be respectful in grade 6. An element I can work on is commitment for my attitude goal. To improve upon this goal I will know I can do it and that I believe in myself . Sometimes I don’t believe in myself because I am not sure if I have got my work right or not. In my mould experiment I wasn’t sure which piece of bread would grow more, because I didn’t know what preservatives really were, until I asked my dad. From now on I will try my hardest to achieve this goal.

Trans-disciplinary Skills

Trans-disciplinary skills: A trans-disciplinary skill I have strength in is communication skills. I view any of my presentations before I go to present them to make sure that it makes sense. In addition, I listen to my friends about what their decisions are, and what they have to say. Furthermore, when I speak in front of an audience I use a loud and clear voice. During my mould experiment I used a clear, loud voice and knew what I was talking about when I presented in case people had questions at the end. When we are doing an Explain Everything and we are using voice over record in a quite place, and not a noisy place where you can’t hear yourself. After seeing what grade 7 is like at Mulgrave I am going to work on my social skills. I will have to be taking responsibility with my schedule and work I have for the day. Remember and managing my time when we have to change classes since don’t have a certain room to go to. I will have to remember what classes I have and what room they are so I won’t be late, and you have lots of different teachers for each subject.