Trans-disciplinary Skills

Trans-disciplinary skills: A trans-disciplinary skill I have strength in is communication skills. I view any of my presentations before I go to present them to make sure that it makes sense. In addition, I listen to my friends about what their decisions are, and what they have to say. Furthermore, when I speak in front of an audience I use a loud and clear voice. During my mould experiment I used a clear, loud voice and knew what I was talking about when I presented in case people had questions at the end. When we are doing an Explain Everything and we are using voice over record in a quite place, and not a noisy place where you can’t hear yourself. After seeing what grade 7 is like at Mulgrave I am going to work on my social skills. I will have to be taking responsibility with my schedule and work I have for the day. Remember and managing my time when we have to change classes since don’t have a certain room to go to. I will have to remember what classes I have and what room they are so I won’t be late, and you have lots of different teachers for each subject.

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