PYP Attitudes

Attitude: Respect is an important element that we need in grade 6. This is because in grade 6 we should be respectful with each other and be able to trust each other. Especially with our teachers, we should give the most respect to them. If we are emailing our teacher for a question we should be writing nice and formal emails to them. I show independence because when they say to do something on your own I do it, and I do not chat to my friends when we should be working. Further more when we are doing an independent presentation that we do independently. These are some reasons why we need to be respectful in grade 6. An element I can work on is commitment for my attitude goal. To improve upon this goal I will know I can do it and that I believe in myself . Sometimes I don’t believe in myself because I am not sure if I have got my work right or not. In my mould experiment I wasn’t sure which piece of bread would grow more, because I didn’t know what preservatives really were, until I asked my dad. From now on I will try my hardest to achieve this goal.

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