Geometry Test

For this set I got the same mark, but I got less answers in-correct and more correct than last time. I can work on reading parts that I am not familiar with even if I am familiar with it because they can always be tricky ones. I was happy with the mark I got and I actually got the mark I thinking that I would get. So overall I am happy with the mark I got!

My Goals

These are my GROW goals for this year

G: I want to be able to overhand serve in volleyball

R: It is achievable if I practice every week

O: I will practice when I have volleyball practices in the morning and when we warm up in volleyball games just so I get use to it again.

W: I want to be able to achieve this by November. I can tell when I have achieved this goal because I will be able to serve the ball over the net with an overhand serve.


G: I want to achieve on my writing in english and socials.

R: It is an appropriate goal for me to achieve.

O: I will practice my writing about 2 hours a week since I have someone that helps me with my wirting

W: I want to be able to achieve this goal by February. I will know when I have achieved this goal because i will be getting good grades in my writing.


G: read half an hour each night

R: i think it is a reasonable goal since i don’t read a lot

O: i will start off by reading books that i like and maybe some requests that my friends give me

W: i want to be able to achieve this by January. I’ll knwo when i have achieved this goal because i will be reading every night and when ever i have free time

Cas Plan



Major – Choir

Minor – Art of today



Major – Dance

Minor – Volleyball



Major – Animal wildlife

Minor – student life photography

Science Test Reflection

Next time I there is a science test I will make sure that I have the units and I show how I got the answer for the question. I got notes from power points and looking in the textbook and workbook. So next time I am going to work on all the question that in the workbook that can help me for the test. I think in the future when I have more test I will study more and review with my parents and ask them questions.