My Spring Break

For my spring break i went to San Diego and Disneyland. It was a blast! I did many activities such as go to the San Diego zoo. I also got to go and watch some of the LPGA Kia Classic tournament since it was being hosted at my hotel. I also went to Disneyland and went on many rides. I also, saw one of my friends at disneyland so i got to say hi to her and go on a ride with her. It was also really nice because my grandparents got to come along with us and the last time we had a full family vacation was when i was around 6 or 7 years old and my family and everyone from my dads side came too, so it was very enjoyable to have some other family members.

Spirit Week!

Spirit Week 2014. I am excited for this upcoming week before spring break kicks off. I am especially excited for a the fun things going on through the days, but one of the most things i am excited about is the balding for dollars and supporting some of my friends. Also, with raising money for cancer.