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Right now i am still doing dance. I have been doing it since i was about 3/4 so around 10/11 years. It is really fun with trying new moves and trying new tricks. I used to do 6 hours a week with 2 competitive classes. Now i am only doing 2 hours a week, although later on i would really love to get back into the competitive classes and compete again.


Volleyball was also very fun. We also got to play many team except we got to play lots of public school and we played grade 8’s. It was a great challenge for playing games with people who are a year older you and it was even more great when we won lots of them. The volleyball season was amazing.


Basketball was really fun and i enjoyed it so much by playing all different teams and having some tough challenges.

CAS Update

Creativity Major: Choir

Creativity Minor: Piano and Art Of Today

Action Major: Dance

Action Minor: Basketball and Volleyball

Service Major: Animal Welfare

Service Minor: Welcome Back BBQ



for my CAS creativity i am doing piano. I am getting better at piano as i am in grade 5 piano. I also got a new teacher since my former teacher is now doing something else. I feel like i am improving on piano and i can’t wait for the upcoming last bit of weeks.


My Service goal was to be able to help out with the animal welfare and help out animals. Ways to make it achievable was because it was a service mulgrave offered and that  it would help animals. My action goal was to be able to over hand serve to by the end of term 1. Ways to achieve this goal is by practicing at my elective volleyball for life and practicing with my sister and Ambleside. My creativity goal was to get better at piano. Ways to achieve this goal is to practice half an hour a day or more than once a week.


This post explains who I am. I have 4 members in my family, my mom, dad and my villainous  twin sister Maggie. I participate in many physical activities. All my whole life it has been mostly activities. I have done swimming, diving, basketball, volleyball, dance, skating, and a little bit of soccer. My entire family really loves doing sports and sometimes we go with my cousins and play games like volleyball and basketball games.

Whistler the Trip

From May 1-4 the middle school choir and band went to Whistler. There were many highlight from the trip. We also did many activities including scavenger hunt, party and went and watched many other schools perform in their choir or band. For our mulgrave choir we snag 3 songs Stand By Me, Pure Imagination, and No Mali. We went out there and had a blast as well as having an amazing clinic afterwards. Whistler was an incredible experience and if was so much fun!


For my daily physical  activity term 2 i did dance 2 hours every week, basketball for 2 practices and 1 game per week.