Reflection on Camp Goal

My camp goal was to talk to new people instead of always talking with my friends and to alway shave a positive attitude. I achieved this goal because I talked to some of my old friends that I haven’t been talking to lately since we didn’t have many new students come on our hiking trip. I sort of achieved my goal about staying positive. I complained a few times or just kept on saying that I was so tired. Overall, I achieved my goals, but could just improve on have a positive attitude.

Summer 2K14

This year I had a very active summer. I went up to my cabin in Vernon for 5 weeks and did many activities on the water. I went wake boarding and wake surfing almost every day. I also had family friends come up almost every week so I also got to spend time with them and catch up on any big news. Also, I got to go for a 2 week camping trip on Bowen Island. I saw many of my camp friends and we did many activities each day such as: games, play in the lake, go to the beach, over0night camping trip, repelling, climbing a mountain and much more. I had a great summer and can’t wait for next year.

Camp Goals

Next week I will be going on the grade 8 hiking trip. One of my goals is to talk with new people besides just my friends and to always have a positive attitude. The way how I will know that I have achieved this goals is by knowing that i talked to new friends on the hiking trip and that I have always been happy and positive and never negative. I will have some problems about  trying to accomplish those goals because I always like to talk to my friends I always hang out with and also when I am tired or just exhausted I get kind of grumpy. I am going to try and not let those come to me during the experience and just have a great time with all my friends.

CAS Plan 2014/2015

My CAS Plan 2014-2015


Creativity – Piano and Choir

Action – Dance

Service – MSAC



Creativity – We Day

Action – Volleyball and basketball

Service – stacking up chairs in cafeteria