For my major action, I am doing dance. I have it on mondays for an hour on a regular week. This year I am taking my Emerald (high level) exam along with my friends. In order for us to take the exam we have take two classes to prepare. One on monday for an hour and the other one on Sunday for an hour. This exam will happened sometime in early December.

Basketball 8/9 A

This year I went to the try-outs for the 8/9 basketball team. There are two teams, 8/9 A team and the 8/9 B team. I made the 8/9 A team along with my friends, Celina, Alisha, Ingrid, Maggie, Laelia and Linda. We have 3 practices a week. One on monday after school, and two in the morning before school on Wednesday and Friday.

Basketball Tryouts

On Monday and Tuesday there was basketball tryouts for the grade 8/9 A and B basketball team. I think I did okay for the basketball tryouts, I can work on many skills to improve before I go on the court and play. I can work on my dribbling skills, being aggressive, getting open, shooting.