Daily Physical Activity

For my DPA I have been doing lots of active stuff.

Monday: Basketball Practice/Game Acrobatics

Tuesday: Basketball Game

Wednesday: Basketball Practice

Thursday: Basketball Game

Friday: Basketball Practice

Saturday: Go to the gym with a group of friends

Sunday: nothing

Study Habits

For our Life and Learning class today we talked about our study habits on positives and negatives. Some of my positives are:

* take breaks between studying (study for around an hour and then take a break then study for like 45- to an hour and then take a break, and then study for an hour)

*make a schedule for my studying time so I organize how long I am going to study for a subject (such as an hour for science, 30 minutes for math, 15 minutes for english, 30 minutes for socials)

*having healthy snacks


Something I can improve on for studying is spreading out my time for studying for test so I am not cramming it all up in one night.

Basketball 8/9 A

Over the weekend I went to a basketball tournament with my school team. We had our first game on Friday and we played against Clydestone and won 39-16. We got the rest of the day to stretch and get a good night sleep and get prepared for an early morning game on Saturday. We had our game at 9:30am in the morning and we had to be in the gym at 8:45am to warm up, stretch, and talk about the keys to success and what we will be doing in the game. We played against Handsworth and it was a battle all the way to the end, since we were competing to see who went to the Championships/Finals. We ended up loosing by 35-27. We got to play for third and fourth place against Seycove. It was a battle once again, but we lost 25-44 (somewhere around there). We went and talked over what we did well and what we could able improved on. We also recognized 2 people. Our first recognition was the MVP award and the other award was the all-star player award which was decided by the tournament. We finished in fourth place and went home with our heads high knowing we out a fight. (except the last quarter).

MSAC Events

Recently in MSAC, we have been preparing for many exciting events coming up. We just finished wrapping up Christmas and we are looking into the Middle School Talent show, grade 6/7 Social and helping the SAC with Spirit which is coming up in 2 weeks.

Acrobatics Exam Marks

About a month ago, I went and did my Emerald Examination. Overall, I am pleased with my mark, but I know I could have done better. I got some 90% on some exercises and my dance, and the rest I got 70-80%. In the end I got my total in the high 70-80% band which placed me in the Commended area. Next exam, I would like to get into the Highly Commends or the Honours.

Winter Break 2K14

Over the winter break I went to Maui. It was an amazing experience. I met a girl around the same age as me and Maggie and I went body surfing with her family. Everyday we would go down to the beach or pool and play i the water or just tan on the chairs until around 12:30pm. Then we would go to and have lunch and after we would go back to our hotel room and have some quiet time such as read a book or watch tv. We also went to the Hotel’s spa called Willow Stream Spa which was known as the #1 spa in the whole united states by a magazine. Maggie and I went and got a manicure/pedicure, while our mom got an energy massage, manicure/pedicure, and a facial. Our dad and mom also went to the a couple of days. For New Years Eve we went to a pub and listen to performers perform. Then we watched fireworks that were set off of from our hotel beach. It was an amazing experience and I excited to see what comes up in 2015.