Basketball 8/9 A

Over the weekend I went to a basketball tournament with my school team. We had our first game on Friday and we played against Clydestone and won 39-16. We got the rest of the day to stretch and get a good night sleep and get prepared for an early morning game on Saturday. We had our game at 9:30am in the morning and we had to be in the gym at 8:45am to warm up, stretch, and talk about the keys to success and what we will be doing in the game. We played against Handsworth and it was a battle all the way to the end, since we were competing to see who went to the Championships/Finals. We ended up loosing by 35-27. We got to play for third and fourth place against Seycove. It was a battle once again, but we lost 25-44 (somewhere around there). We went and talked over what we did well and what we could able improved on. We also recognized 2 people. Our first recognition was the MVP award and the other award was the all-star player award which was decided by the tournament. We finished in fourth place and went home with our heads high knowing we out a fight. (except the last quarter).

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