Just after spring break, I got involved in Mustangs, which is basically an area for your to improve on your skills, technique, shooting, and have some games and tournaments. I have been doing Mustangs ever since grade 6. This year I am part of the 7/8 (U14) Mustangs programme. We have 23 players that are involved through 7 and 8. I am looking forward to how this years Mustang will be like

Spring Break 2K15

Over the spring break, my family went over to the southern-east coast of the united states. We went to hot, sunny Orlando, Florida. We stayed at the Four Season Resort at Disney World. We went to all the 4 different places for each day (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom) and on our final day we went back to our favourite one. We went on many rides and some of my personal favourites were Tower of Terror (Twilight Zone), Splash Mountain, Expedition Everest. We also did 2 games of mini putt. Florida was lots of fun and I am excited to be going again later in my upcoming years.

Acrobatics Exam Tricks

Down below are some tricks that I had to do for my acro exam back in late December. The first I combined two of the tricks which was a “front handspring” but instead of landing on my feet I landed sitting/laying down to go back into a “dolphin roll”. Then the next trick is called an “upstart” which is when you start sitting up with your legs straight then roll back onto your shoulders, put your hands beside your ears and push up off the ground to land on your feet. Finally, the last trick is “circling splits” which is when you are in the splits and then you bring your front leg around to meet with your back leg, push up onto your hands to swing the same leg back over to the front.