DPA – Term 2

Monday – basketball practice 1h 15min, acrobatics 1h

Tuesday –

Wednesday – basketball practice 1h 15min

Thursday –

Friday –

Saturday – basketball practice/game 2h, go to the gym with a group of kids (around my age) and train

Sunday – go outside for 1h and practice volleyball/basketball or go for a walk/run

MSAC Grade 8/9 Dance

Last week, MSAC put together a Grade 8/9 Dance Social. It was lots of fun. We got to hang around other you might have not known very well, and hang out with other people that are in a different grade then you. The dance for me was great. I got to know others I did not know very well and hang out, bond, and dance with everyone else. It was a fun experienced and really helped the grade 8/9’s have great time together as one. Thanks to the grade 9 leaders, Ms Roy and everyone else who pitched in and helped out.