Final Reflection

This years CAS experience has been great and I am excited for next years CAS. I have fulfilled all the CAS requirements and updated my efolio.

For my major CAS service I was a part of MSAC (Middle School Action Counsel) and we did many activities throughout the year such as; Halloween Haunted House, 5 days of Christmas, supported Spirit Week, Grade 8/9 Social Dance, Pyjama Day, 6/7 social. For my minor CAS service I did open art and helped with cleaning up the cafeteria. For my major CAS action I was a part of my dance studio and did Acrobatics. Acrobatics was on Monday nights for an hour and we would prepare for our exam for half of the year and then the other half of the year we would work on a dance to show at the end of the year to our parents. For my minor CAS action I was a part of the school’s grade 8 girls volleyball team and the grade 8/9 A girls basketball team. For volleyball and basketball I got to improve on my skills and I got to know more people that were on my team and we became a family. For my major CAS creativity I did piano and was a part of the Middle School Concert Choir. In choir we learned a bunch of new songs and got to collaborate with the grade 7’s and 9’s. We also got to go to 2 festivals with one being at Whistler. For piano I had been working on my grade 5 exam and had been working on my BASIC theory exam and just finished it on Saturday. For my minor CAS creativity I went to We Day. We Day was tons of fun as I got to learn more about our world, how we can help and much more.

My most achievable  CAS is my Acrobatics because I have been working towards my Emerald (level 7) exam for two years and I finally did the exam and passed successfully. I had been preparing for the exam for two years and have been working on teh exercises and tricks that were required in order to pass the exam.