Volleyball Season Review – Activity

Over the volleyball season, our team worked together and became closer to one another (as it was a grade 9 and 10 team). At the very start of our season we went to the “Dig It” tournament at St Johns School Vancouver. That was our very first time playing together as a team and we came in second place, winning silver metals, with the loss against West Point Grey in the Championship Gold Metal game. As the season continued we got more and more closer and more comfortable playing with each other. By the end of the season we had only lost one game, against Stratford Hall, and was in for the Playoffs. For the play offs we got to play at Harry Jerome. We came in 5th place as all the team were very evenly skilled, we knew that going into the playoffs it was going to be a hard plays due to the team being all even. Overall, I had a great season this year and I can’t wait for next years volleyball season.Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.26.51 AM

Volleyball 2015/16 – Activity

This year for one of my minor activities, I joined the mulgrave volleyball team. I have been on the mulgrave team since I was in grade 5 when I was on the grade 5 volleyball team. This year I was part of the Mulgrave Junior B Girls Volleyball Team. My coach was Mrs Reis and we had a great season. We were able to work on our skills; passing, setting, hitting, serving, digging, etc. as well learning a new ways we played such as 4 2, and 5 1.

Progress Report Card 15/16

Overall, for my progress report card I was happy with it. I noticed that for most of my subjects, I was in consistently highlighted in the 3/4, 5/6 which was a good place for me to be at. For some of my subject I was surprised by the mark I was highlighted in (positive way). I was very proud of all my subject, however I was especially proud of my Performing arts, Math, and PE mark because I was highlight in all the 5/6 band. I also noticed that for my mark I received on my ATL skills, for organization and collaboration I mostly hd the mark of E and I noticed that Reflection is one skill that I can work on in all my subjects. The way how I will improve on my reflection skill is to talk in depth about what I thought about it and put some meaning into it. Overall I am happy with my progress report card and am looking forward to a good year.