Volleyball Season Review – Activity

Over the volleyball season, our team worked together and became closer to one another (as it was a grade 9 and 10 team). At the very start of our season we went to the “Dig It” tournament at St Johns School Vancouver. That was our very first time playing together as a team and we came in second place, winning silver metals, with the loss against West Point Grey in the Championship Gold Metal game. As the season continued we got more and more closer and more comfortable playing with each other. By the end of the season we had only lost one game, against Stratford Hall, and was in for the Playoffs. For the play offs we got to play at Harry Jerome. We came in 5th place as all the team were very evenly skilled, we knew that going into the playoffs it was going to be a hard plays due to the team being all even. Overall, I had a great season this year and I can’t wait for next years volleyball season.Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.26.51 AM

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