Winter Break 2K15

For this winter break I got to have some family time with both sides of the family. It was fun spending time with them since I do not get so see them often. During the break I also got to go to Florida. It was nice warm weather, however not as warm as it was before last time i was there, but at least it was warmer than Vancouver weather. ON New Year’s Eve, I got on a plane to Toronto, and then from Toronto my family and I flew to Orlando. We got to spend New Years Day in Orlando and it was so much fun! I stayed in Florida for 8 days. We stayed at Disney World Resort Hotel, The Swan and Dolphin Hotel. It was very convenient as it was right in between two of the four main theme parks. We could walk to two of the theme parks within 15 minutes. The other two we had to take a bus transportation to get to the other two. I had so much fun at all the four theme parks and I can’t wait to go there again.

Updated CAS-Plan

Major Creativity: Senior School Play, Piano,

Minor Creativity: We Day,

Major Activity: Basketball,

Minor Activity: Acrobatics, Volleyball,

Major Service: Student Ambassador,

Minor Service:

Piano – Creativity

This year I am doing piano and I am at level 6 piano. I have already done lots as I have been learning my new piano pieces for my exam as well as advancing my learning in theory. I have also already gotten to go to a recital (our christmas recital) and perform two pieces, one exam piece and a holiday piece. I got to see all my friends who also perform in the recitals and catch up with them.

S.S Play – Creativity

This year I am excited to have joined the Senior School play. We have an amazing production that we are preparing. The show we are performing is Peter Pan. We have lots of people joining the play. In the play, I have a small role, due to all my other activities that I have going on, I get to be a London Promenade with my sister. We have been practicing on Mondays and we are in a great spot, as the performance is in three weeks. These next three weeks will be chaotic as we will be having dress rehearsal, practicing on after school for most days and on weekends. I am honoured to join the amazing performing arts group as we put on a great show!

Basketball Outline – Activity

This year I am part of the grade 8 and 9 girls basketball team. We have a very exciting season as we have lots of practices and games. We have about two or three basketball practices a week and one game a week. The coach is Leduc, and I am excited for this season and getting to know all the girls on the team better.

Lunch with the New Students – Service

In December, the student ambassadors arranged a lunch “hang out” where all the new students this year got to come and have pizza with the student ambassadors and talk about how they’re enjoying Mulgrave so far, and for everyone to get to no others better or talk to people they haven’t gotten to talk to much, and meet new people.